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Date: 2013-10-01 13:41:52
User: nijtmans
Comment:Re-generate all "configure" scripts using autoconf-2.59
Tags And Properties
[11f8241fd0] Make the png_set_add_alpha function available through the stub table (user: nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[669f43de72] Re-generate all "configure" scripts using autoconf-2.59 (user: nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[1129f03f9d] Workaround for MinGW bug #2065: "gcc --shared" links with libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll when using 64-bit division in C. (TODO: regenerate all configure scripts) (user: nijtmans, tags: trunk)
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Changes to base/configure.

Changes to bmp/configure.

Changes to configure.

Changes to dted/configure.

Changes to gif/configure.

Changes to ico/configure.

Changes to jpeg/configure.

Changes to libjpeg/configure.

Changes to libpng/configure.

Changes to libtiff/configure.

Changes to pcx/configure.

Changes to pixmap/configure.

Changes to png/configure.

Changes to ppm/configure.

Changes to ps/configure.

Changes to raw/configure.

Changes to sgi/configure.

Changes to sun/configure.

Changes to tga/configure.

Changes to tiff/configure.

Changes to window/configure.

Changes to xbm/configure.

Changes to xpm/configure.

Changes to zlib/configure.