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Tcl 2014 Conference, Portland/OR, US, Nov 10-14
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Closed leaves:

18:12 [07c8c54701] Closed-Leaf: Instead of embedding the package ifneeded script for TK in the tclIndex file, it now gets its own "pkgIndex.tcl" file in boot/tk The packages.tcl file for the VFS is now loaded on startup (if present) Cleaned up and straightened up the boot process for kits (user: hypnotoad, tags: gort)
20:34 [11180b89ba] Closed-Leaf: Fixes to condense all kitbuilding activity to a single Tcl scripts (user: hypnotoad, tags: kitscript)
09:58 [6b5f67f98b] Closed-Leaf: Bumping sqlite back down to (user: hypnotoad, tags: autosetup)
10:26 [98c43d2a29] Closed-Leaf: Backfeeding changes (user: seandeelywoods, tags: newpoly)
18:46 [670004f7b7] Closed-Leaf: Path fixes for sqlite package (user: hypnotoad, tags: embedded_odielib)
15:11 [539e4b209a] Closed-Leaf: Tweaked package requirement introspection (user: hypnotoad, tags: puretclzip)
12:57 [4cf4e16446] Closed-Leaf: Update to the latest trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: unstable)
02:40 [ba04af8472] Closed-Leaf: Tk needed to be marked as a tk package (user: hypnotoad, tags: private)
10:33 [c38ddb95c8] Closed-Leaf: Tclkits are once again build with the cat/zip -A scheme Removed a dead null.zip which was preventing that scheme from working... notetab is now considered a core element. (user: hypnotoad, tags: odie-web)
14:52 [fb462c897b] Closed-Leaf: Not ready for prime time... This branch incorporates all of the lessons learned and functional improvements developed for the core_zip_vfs branch of Tcl (Have to temporarily check in unfinished code to get some work done at work on trunk..) (user: hypnotoad, tags: core_zipkit_improvements)
12:52 [72ec7a9895] Closed-Leaf: Semi-stabelized the API Straightened out the inheritance tree for notetabs. Fixed several bugs with text notetabs Ran autodoc Bumped the taotk version to 0.7 to clarify the API changes. (user: hypnotoad, tags: layout)
09:09 [e2188269e7] Closed-Leaf: Commit into the new branch (user: hypnotoad, tags: simplemake)
18:40 [1c52d66512] Closed-Leaf: Fixed linebreaks in make_all.sh (user: seandeelywoods, tags: odie)
20:22 [64bbfe8248] Closed-Leaf: Filling in details of the warlord rules (user: seandeelywoods, tags: warlord)
23:31 [4b6ad855e5] Closed-Leaf: The mkhdr program is now in included in the tclconfig/ file section Added a process to automagically compile it during ./configure (user: hypnotoad, tags: ver2.0)
13:57 [7dd5000442] Closed-Leaf: Modificiations to build process prior to removing TAO dependency (user: seandeelywoods, tags: withtaokit, odie)