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Page Name:PureFossil
Date: 2015-05-29 16:54:05
Original User: holzhacker
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This is a project that aims to create , distribute, and maintain a GUI for Fossil completely made in PureBasic and available for Windows , Linux and Macintosh systems.

This software is licensed on: The MIT License (MIT)

May be used or redistributed freely.

The same will be part of an open source project called greater " PureBasic Constructor " which will be available after the operationalization of PureFossil , which will be the basis for further developments of great design .


Fossil is a single self-contained C program. You need to either download a precompiled binary or compile it yourself from sources. Install fossil by putting the fossil binary someplace on your $PATH.


PureBasic is a native 32-bit and 64-bit programming language based on established BASIC rules. The key features of PureBasic are portability (Windows, Linux and MacOS X are no topics supported), the production of very fast and highly optimized executables and, of course, the very simple BASIC syntax. PureBasic Has Been created for the beginner and expert alike. We have put a lot of effort into its realization to produce a fast, reliable system friendly language.

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Initial Project Designer: (c) 2015 - Romerio Medeiros - holzhacker - www.setorzero.com