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Comment:images of pieces
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User & Date: hhammadu 2016-11-29 05:14:47
merged 2 files for random AI done by Tien check-in: 599e56d2f2 user: hhammadu tags: trunk
images of pieces check-in: 4d49120558 user: hhammadu tags: trunk
half files still need to be implemented, please try to go through the code play.jl so that you may know where to merege your files check-in: 61e704ab66 user: hhammadu tags: trunk

Added BKingM.png.

Added BkingC.png.

Added BkingS.png.

Added Dbrown.png.

Added DbrownM.png.

Added DbrownS.png.

Added PaBC.png.

Added PaWC.png.

Added PbishopBC.png.

Added PbishopBM.png.

Added PbishopBS.png.

Added PbishopWC.png.

Added PbishopWM.png.

Added PbishopWS.png.

Added PcBC.png.

Added PcWC.png.

Added PdBC.png.

Added PdWC.png.

Added PeBC.png.

Added PeWC.png.

Added PhBC.png.

Added PhWC.png.

Added PiBC.png.

Added PiWC.png.

Added PknightBC.png.

Added PknightBS.png.

Added PknightWC.png.

Added PknightWS.png.

Added PlanceBC.png.

Added PlanceBS.png.

Added PlanceWC.png.

Added PlanceWS.png.

Added PmBC.png.

Added PmWC.png.

Added PoBC.png.

Added PoWC.png.

Added PpawnBC.png.

Added PpawnBM.png.

Added PpawnBS.png.

Added PpawnWC.png.

Added PpawnWM.png.

Added PpawnWS.png.

Added PqBC.png.

Added PqWC.png.

Added ProokBC.png.

Added ProokBM.png.

Added ProokBS.png.

Added ProokWC.png.

Added ProokWM.png.

Added ProokWS.png.

Added PsilverBC.png.

Added PsilverBM.png.

Added PsilverBS.png.

Added PsilverWC.png.

Added PsilverWM.png.

Added PsilverWS.png.

Added PtBC.png.

Added PtWC.png.

Added PvBC.png.

Added PvWC.png.

Added PxBC.png.

Added PxWC.png.

Added WkingC.png.

Added WkingM.png.

Added WkingS.png.

Added aBC.png.

Added aWC.png.

Added bishopBC.png.

Added bishopBM.png.

Added bishopBS.png.

Added bishopWC.png.

Added bishopWM.png.

Added bishopWS.png.

Added brown.png.

Added brownM.png.

Added brownS.png.

Added cBC.png.

Added cWC.png.

Added dBC.png.

Added dWC.png.

Added eBC.png.

Added eWC.png.

Added fBC.png.

Added fWC.png.

Added goldBC.png.

Added goldBM.png.

Added goldBS.png.

Added goldWC.png.

Added goldWM.png.

Added goldWS.png.

Added hBc.png.

Added hWC.png.

Added iBC.png.

Added iWC.png.

Added knightBC.png.

Added knightBS.png.

Added knightWC.png.

Added knightWS.png.

Added lanceBC.png.

Added lanceBS.png.

Added lanceWC.png.

Added lanceWS.png.

Added mBC.png.

Added mWC.png.

Added oBC.png.

Added oWC.png.

Added pawnBC.png.

Added pawnBS.png.

Added pawnMB.png.

Added pawnWC.png.

Added pawnWM.png.

Added pawnWS.png.

Added qBC.png.

Added qWC.png.

Added rookBC.png.

Added rookBM.png.

Added rookBS.png.

Added rookWC.png.

Added rookWM.png.

Added rookWS.png.

Added silverBC.png.

Added silverBM.png.

Added silverBS.png.

Added silverWC.png.

Added silverWM.png.

Added silverWS.png.

Added tBC.png.

Added tWC.png.

Added vBC.png.

Added vWC.png.

Added xBC.png.

Added xWC.png.