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Artifact ID: 880df003f9af375fca74a229f7ad5b35b5b5a4b5
Page Name:Java Logging Utilities and Extensions
Date: 2014-03-24 16:03:31
Original User: fcoutant
Parent: bba7adc5d4e6fa92c18261fba043ea90a3498dba


A small set of classes to extend standard JRE's java.util.logging package with practical and real-life cases, and make it suitable for production and industrial use.


  • usable and already used in several real-world production setups, yet without any impacting bug found
  • optimized for space, speed and memory efficiency from the start on
  • configured using standard j.u.l. properties
  • barely documented with a sample properties file
  • ConsoleHandler allows separate stdout / stderr outputs depending on message level (allows coloring errors with red in IDE like Eclipse and such)
  • DailyRollingFileHandler is used to rotate and purge log files on a daily basis
  • CustomFormatter formats log records from a user-given template, including % fields like those of Log4J (but simplified) and on a single line by default


See downloads page.


  • XML based configuration, with formal grammar and checking
  • per-webapp configuration and log files in JavaEE environment
  • zip / gzip / deflate compression of daily log files
  • JDBC handler
  • Syslog handler


This software is placed under dual-license (Note however, this is not yet stated in the source distribution) :

  • Apache Public License (APL 2.0), as with most open source Java software
  • Copyright (c)2010-2014 Fabien COUTANT (as primary author)