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<b>hr-proxy</b> - host-rewriting proxy

hr-proxy is a simple HTTP proxy server.  It differs from normal proxy servers in that it does not send requests to the specified server, but overrides the destination server on a per-host basis.  

This means that if you want "" to be served by your desktop web server, hr-proxy can do this without you needing to take the typical approach of editing /etc/hosts.  It can also log particular http headers, or even save whole files to be stored elsewhere.

There are several versions of hr-proxy here:
  *  gui - a plain gui version.  The original.
  *  headless - a version intended to be run without a gui.  It can be controlled through http requests.
  *  Redirector.vfs - a different gui, set up to be bundled into a starkit/starpack.

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