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Ticket UUID: e65daa109fbfc0c89b6a25c5269032aed414f440
Title: Unable to open a project due to null contents of VC source file
Status: Open Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Critical Priority:
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Last Modified: 2009-06-26 06:06:33
Version Found In: 767ae79c3d
I cloned my repository locally from I then tried to open the repository to extract the code. All I got was this error. I had already upgraded to version 767ae79c3d and rebuilt the repository on server prior to cloning. I opened the tcl-dev repository file and examined the blob and filename tables and determined there were quite a few files with size -1 and Null contents.There are also many entries where the contents are empty and the size is not -1. The file below (aes.tcl) has a size of 84 and the contents are null. I changed the size to -1 and retried opening the local repository again and it failed with same error. Perhaps a force option is needed to keep extracting the data when and error is hit.

$fossil open ../../tcl-dev Autosync: Bytes Cards Artifacts Deltas Send: 5911 124 0 0 Received: 46 2 0 0 (null): content missing for lib/tcl/tcllib-1.11/aes/aes.tcl