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Ticket UUID: 93c266d3ee4157fe31a24a45fce97a2e9c34eb94
Title: Difficulty to correctly add/list files/directories with accended characters in name/path and see them listed in "Files" menu.
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Last Modified: 2009-02-03 23:02:15
Version Found In: daacc139a5
I am strugling to populate fossil repository with files containing accended characters with fossil add (on win xp). I am able to add files, if I manage to have such files on some directory, which is named with only ascii characters (as with command: fossil add .\dirWithAsciiOnlyinItsName) When I later list content of such directory (fossil ls>repofiles), it shows files as ADDED.

If I try to check content of repo with fossil ui command, it shows only directories, but no files in them. (browser codepage is set to UTF-8)

If I doctor link in browser, I can manage to see added directory and files in them, but always with strange names.

Would it help to have modified "fossil add" command, which would read UTF-8 encoded file, with list of filenames to be added to repo, so perhaps this windows encoding/reencoding mess could be handled? I would prefer to be selective about files I like to include in repository, add seems so far to work best, but add all files.

I have quite large, continuously groving quantity of user created scripts(thousands+), with arbitrary, user choosen names, which I like to version, but so far I have no luck in fitting them into fossil repository. This is related to ticket [838bde7990d8e190957cbfe7f15c77322dc54e57], could be discussion on this issue open on mailing list or do I miss some other way how to handle this?