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9 check-ins related to "side-by-side-edit"

When sided by side make the text area small so it will always fit in the column. After page loaded enlarge the text area with Javascript. But leave a little room (40px) as a margin between the two columns. This insurers that side by side always succeeds. Leaf check-in: 396eceb9e4 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Merge in recent trunk changes so that the branches can be more easily compared. Leaf check-in: 82332148a2 user: drh tags: side-by-side-edit
Remove appropriate "ckout:" records from the config table when closing a checkout. Do not attempt to modify the repository with "ckout:" records if the repository is read-only. check-in: 02051489a0 user: drh tags: trunk
Put wrap="virtual" back in textarea Increase the height of the textarea to the height of the preview div. check-in: ead316f3f7 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Use in cgi strncmp to circumvent Firefox adding ; charset: UTF-8; changed cols to 60 especially under windows it is to big and the result is not side-by-side check-in: a7a331fa16 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Put back the rows='%d(n)". Although an other option is, after the page has loaded, to change the offsetHeight of the text area to the height of the previewdiv. check-in: 55e7e24595 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Enable side by side editing and preview. While automatic updating of the preview 'pane'. Tested with Chrome and Firefox under Linux. Only Chrome works. check-in: 20362c85a8 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Create new branch named "side-by-side-edit" check-in: 68a8a7e925 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
Add the "fossil all changes" command to show all check-outs with uncommitted changes. Also add the "fossil all list --ckout" option to show all current checkouts rather than all repositories. check-in: 42f4d14771 user: drh tags: trunk