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Parents and children of check-in [6cc262207d]

[e5b8eb1235] Fix the server-side sync operation so that it will not generate a delta loop when a file changes from its original state through two or more intermediate states and back to its original state and all versions of the file attempt to sync in a single transaction. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[6cc262207d] Leaf: Only show the "pull only - not authorized to push" message once when syncing with a repo for which there is read-only permission. (user: drh tags: fix-sync-delta-loop)
[141b990722] Provisional changes aimed at preventing delta loops on sync operations that might otherwise occur if a sequence of file changes ends with a file back to its original state after a sequence of two or more intermediate states. (user: drh tags: fix-sync-delta-loop)