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2a34de01fc 2008-11-17 02:24 "wiki unlist" as a possible solution to deleting wiki pages. Open
7636b10ddf 2008-11-26 17:51 option to abort checkin if comment is empty Open
04a259be40 2008-12-07 18:13 operations upon all files Open
263b45306c 2009-01-06 10:28 Add configuration to adjust length of version UUID Open
500a94b9e5 2009-01-09 08:15 link checkins and relevant tickets Review
93c266d3ee 2009-02-03 23:02 Difficulty to correctly add/list files/directories with accended characters in name/path and see them listed in "Files" menu. Open
0c657fd35f 2009-03-12 13:09 Allow aliases on commands Open
74a95e62cf 2009-03-12 17:14 Visual indicator for which code check in being viewed Open
1d18a7c110 2009-03-18 18:30 Force entry of required fields to create a new ticket. Open
83af1f5401 2009-04-08 19:37 fossil rollback Open
9a42dd09e0 2009-04-15 18:52 fossil pull has to be run multiple times Open
b92c4160fe 2009-05-25 19:58 Add a class attribute to comments appended to a Wiki page Open
cb6baa160d 2009-05-25 20:00 Wiki output strips <div> Open
e816200f95 2009-06-10 18:11 Shunning cause Assertion failure! Open
2e3dc63382 2009-06-25 16:28 Default Severity Annoying Deferred
e65daa109f 2009-06-26 06:06 Unable to open a project due to null contents of VC source file Open
bd5614b02d 2009-08-15 01:44 date's sequence verification Open
7c88d10923 2009-09-09 20:06 Define branch access rules per user Open
13db6dce79 2009-09-11 20:07 Support for proxy authentication Open
e8ac83275f 2009-09-17 11:35 Errors on the server side do not get well-propagated to the client side. Open
2384764107 2009-09-21 00:37 Make the http command working on Windows. Open
665995e480 2009-09-23 05:41 no such table: vvar Open
ab82a0bd21 2009-09-25 07:03 Enhance <nowiki>[]</nowiki> linking syntax in the wiki to permit #LABEL for internal links. Open
f1c8f2d33c 2009-09-25 08:53 'diff' command in the web-interface Open
7d2bdb0e23 2009-09-27 18:51 square brackets in $manifest_version are a problem Open
8a41d37834 2009-10-09 05:09 'configure pull' command accept --proxy option, but ignore it. Open
b95e3635fc 2009-10-14 12:48 linking back to main fossil home page Open
b7fc3f0569 2009-10-16 13:45 fossil clean --force doesn't remove empty directories Open
700d423d2a 2009-10-31 13:24 Tables in ticket view set the bgcolor Open
dbf7908517 2009-10-31 13:30 Issues with logging-in Open
4c303443b3 2009-11-07 08:31 fossil rmdir Open
fd42f1fc3d 2009-11-09 19:00 request to add ticket Comment in RSS feed Open
d642c3621a 2009-11-10 14:55 Improve and update documentation Open
95d893c207 2009-11-13 14:18 diagnostics for fossil tag cancel X Y Open
5f9f516a22 2009-11-24 19:46 Cannot commit changes: tree checksums before and after commit do not match Open
e4da774beb 2009-11-30 13:36 incorrect quote handling for HTML tag elements Open
974618fe5a 2009-12-08 19:02 fossil all rebuild does redundant rebuilds on windows Open
7a27e10f1f 2009-12-17 14:54 Need a command to find states of files for entire tree/subdir for Editors and IDEs. Open
d0e0bc0da5 2009-12-31 21:15 add ticket created time Open
ac8dcd394c 2010-01-01 04:14 equivalent to `darcs add` or `git add -p` Open
23d314856c 2010-01-01 12:58 fossil rm dir1/dir2 Open
7ac3c7ba1b 2010-01-01 13:35 who are cloning me ? Open
07a38f3809 2010-01-01 13:47 chekout only sub source tree Open
0669e17923 2010-01-01 13:58 Support "fossil co" Open
5fb944026d 2010-01-03 00:47 Inconsistent diff output. Open
b074a7588b 2010-01-04 22:58 fossil: not a valid repository: /pub/fossil-db/big.fsl Open
a410962b8e 2010-01-06 22:01 "fossil timeline ancestors current -n 1" does not always work Open
9daf677325 2010-01-07 13:13 Blob max size checking before commit Open
1457156b27 2010-01-15 09:30 "fossil gdiff" uses internal diff under some conditions Open
d2c9a2fe01 2010-01-17 06:44 Login expiration time doesn't work Open