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Page Name:autoObject
Date: 2017-08-03 23:45:09
Original User: erikj
Parent: da493a047af2b9f14ad58cd73a272d4da24973ec


This package is in the process of being re-hosted at Chisel. Re-hosting is expected to complete in August 2017.


AutoObject is a TclOO class-based package used to create auto-assembling objects using runtime descriptors. The key feature is that objects can be simply serialized and deserialized to/from binary or byte list format, allowing them to be passed to or received from any interface that supports byte list/serial formats. Past applications include converting structured data to/from byte lists for COM interfaces to other languages, message formats for serial communication, and parsing of memory blocks retrieved from embedded targets.


Download the teacup file to your local system. From a command line in that directory:

 teacup install


See Usage Examples.