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Page Name:tclnotmuch
Date: 2016-03-08 17:14:16
Original User: eric
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Creating Tcl bindings for notmuch ( The initial aim is working access to the library API for both data creation and data retrieval.

Current work is with notmuch 0.18.1, catching up will follow when this works.


The bindings work, but for a use case where simultaneous database access from different processes is needed (e.g. processing emails as they arrive), lost updates are possible for the following Tcl versions:

However, the following Tcl versions do not have this problem:

Earlier 8.5.x are presumably the same as 8.5.18.

See Ticket [4b8922e858].

Further Information


Currently the only place available for feedback is the wiki page Comments and Questions.

The Logo

The logo for this repository is David Zolli's original Tcl feather icon overlaid with the notmuch mail balance logo. Maybe it should logically be the other way round, but this way looks better.