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If you are seeing this as a web page, this is a set of pages exported from the primary source, an instance of Will Duquette's Notebook program. That is something I have been using as, among other things, a work diary, for a very long time, so it was for me the natural choice to record this project.

The Notebook program can export its content as HTML pages to make them viewable without needing the program, but individual page exports do not contain actual links, so a full Notebook export must be used. This includes pages that should not be in the documentation e.g. User Code (Notebook's customization mechanism). Therefore a piece of that customization can be used to tidy up the exported pages:

Use the live link to tidy up the exported HTML when viewing in Notebook. The export must have been done to the directory which is hard-coded in the live link.

Also, if you are seeing this as a web page, it is probably being served by a Fossil repository which not only keeps a record of changes to the Notebook contents, but also keeps track of any program or script I may write to help with the project.

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