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19 check-ins occurring on or before 2010-06-11 01:55:07.

[6f71be024a] tetrominos are now created with random types (user: tags: trunk)
[59925b94c0] next block comes into play when previous one gets blocked downward. until i get random number generation implemented, all tetrominos spawned are type O. (user: tags: trunk)
[cf55d64cc8] the 'next' tetromino now properly displays on the screen (at least the 1st one at game start does). when tetrominos get blocked on the way down, g_onDownBlocked is called but at the moment it does nothing. moving in all 4 directions works fine now. the blocks of a tetromino are moved in the correct order to prevent the blocks tripping over each other during the move. next up is working on g_onDownBlocked, spawning the next block into play, and calculating completed lines for points. (user: tags: trunk)
[5a709571c0] forgot to add temporary block art to last commit (user: tags: trunk)
[ee9f7b251f] fixed a few typos in the code that caused silent corruption of data. color key works, new game starts a new game. the first tetromino is spawned and you can move it around. moving to the right causes problems though, since the tetromino steps over itself as it tries to move and falls apart. a segfault occured when exiting the game (an issue with clearing up the blocks) but has been fixed. need to figure out a system for displaying the next tetromino on the right of the screen. after i figure that out, i have to make it so when you hit the bottom, the tetromino stays in place (it dies but the blocks stay behind), the next one moves to the start and i do it all over again. ill hold off actually calculating completed lines for a bit. (user: tags: trunk)
[54beec6474] pixel locations for menu buttons has been entered. menu displays with all buttons and appears to work perfectly. next up is to work on getting the color key to make dark purple transparent. once that works, i can work on getting 'new game' to load the game properly, and from there work on getting the gameplay code correct (which is a big phase that will take me awhile to get working right) (user: tags: trunk)
[9cefd3c29d] added new image loading functions as well as a seperate function to apply to the main screen surface. supports coordinate offsets to place images anywhere. my 2d array of spaces can be converted to proper pixel location on the screen via g_getImageCoords. now i must go back to photoshop to write down the pixel locations to place the menu buttons at, so i can test them and see if my menu logic is correct. ive read about having a state machine but i am unsure if i will attempt to implement it in this project since the example was using c++ and i already made a ton of if/else if and switch statements. (user: tags: trunk)
[ddffaff7bc] added screen art to the repository. backgrounds also included. all pictures are to go in the pictures directory, so all code accesses image files with './pictures/imagename.bmp' (user: tags: trunk)
[479ac3c909] more menu update logic added. menu appears to work at a first glance. further testing is required to ensure there are no logic errors in the code. nothing appears on the screen yet. menu buttons must now be drawn, and g_drawGame() must be written to take the data stored in menu and display the right menu buttons. remember that each menu button must have a highlighted version and an unhighlighted version. (user: tags: trunk)
[c70b342d11] added more code to g_handleInput(). must find out the SDL names for the escape button and the spacebar to add their entries to g_handleInput(). also added some code to g_updateGame(). some menu art must be created so that once i finish the m_move function I can test my menus. (user: tags: trunk)
[013c310fc7] added basic handleInput code. terminal responds to some input entered (such as keys pressed down or released). next up is to complete the handleInput code as well as updating the game based on the input (work on setting up functional menus). (user: tags: trunk)
[4159eed10b] block.h and .c removed and merged into tetromino.h and .c... some initial game loop code has been created but currently has an infinite loop, but the basic structure i will attempt is commented in there. (user: tags: trunk)
[9597731470] merged all code from block.h and block.c into tetromino. block.h and .c will be removed next commit (code currently compiles) (user: tags: trunk)
[57a6b85052] program now compiles, includes and forward declarations should be reviewed because they seem to be a mess, also consider combining tetromino and block source files into one. combine their headers too possibly. (user: tags: trunk)
[fbfd2463c1] added game.c, trying to get most of the files to compile together (sdl init code was moved from main.c to game.c). may have to combine block and game source files into one. (user: tags: trunk)
[37db27b836] fixed silly error that was making me wonder why SDL wouldn't init. SDL_Init returns 0 on success. (user: tags: trunk)
[2015128b85] added more code to the files surrounding main, untested though (user: tags: trunk)
[0984c4c872] added 1st executable code, sdl having problems initializing (user: tags: trunk)
[7a11600ae1] added 1st executable code, sdl having problems initializing (user: tags: trunk, stable)