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47 timeline items occurring on or before 2012-09-10 23:46:20.

23:46 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (iOS) (user: Donny)
[97860bd647] Added empty state change functions to Engine object, and removed argc/argv settings. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[78a3cb0c5e] Removed old files, added old remaining c code into Engine's run function (commented out). Renamed Fraction files to be consistent with the rest of the project (i.e. lower case). (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[6bb2190e3d] Added State object to the build, and implemented a SplashState derivative. The engine is now passed the classname of an initial state to start in, which is required. Removed state.c from project since currently State is just a protocol. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[27a4a6fbf7] Removed fullscreen option, added init function for Engine to be safe. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[af1a93d146] Added a couple of instance variables / getters to Engine, and implemented a basic game loop in -run() which prints out the delta time for each frame. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[1f364bf910] Engine title now correctly set/displayed in debug output. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[31896e67a3] Added code to engine's dictionary setup to copy the values over from the dictionary to the engine object instance (and output it). Unsure if memory management is clean or not, and the title (NSString *) isn't copied/displayed correctly. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
17:47 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (iOS) (user: Donny)
17:46 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (iOS) (user: Donny)
17:46 • Deleted wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
17:44 • Closed ticket [63ecd9dce2]: Add Makefile detection of compilation platform plus 3 other changes (user: Donny)
[a868921a36] Added Makefile detection of platform, which completes ticket [63ecd9dce2]. 'uname' is used to detect the current platform. Since there is no uname on Windows, the project cannot be compiled on that platform right now. If I install a port of uname for Windows in the future, I will be able to modify the windows variables in the Makefile to allow Windows machines to compile the project (but I'll have to install gnustep first). (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
04:06 • New ticket [63ecd9dce2] Add Makefile detection of compilation platform. (user: Donny)
04:04 • Closed ticket [2bc992679f]: Configure compilation on Mac OS X plus 2 other changes (user: Donny)
[2d99d79d69] Ticket [2bc992679f] is now closed as the project now builds on Mac OS X. The Makefile must be edited when changing platforms however, so a feature request should be opened for allowing the Makefile to automatically detect the current compilation platform. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
03:30 • Changes to wiki page Repositories (user: Donny)
03:28 • Changes to wiki page Repositories (user: Donny)
03:23 • Changes to wiki page Repositories (user: Donny)
03:19 • Changes to wiki page Repositories (user: Donny)
03:13 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
03:12 • Ticket [2bc992679f] Configure compilation on Mac OS X status still Open with 3 other changes (user: Donny) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[e7d2e7341d] Added singleton functionality to Engine class, and implemented a simple skeleton setup function for passing a dictionary from main to the engine in order to setup the game. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[7a3f0c954f] engine .h/.m readded to make build. 'engine.m' is from scratch, with the old code residing in 'engine.mOLD'. A dictionary is in the process of being implemented which will be used to send engine setup data from the main function to the engine. The engine has yet to become a singleton. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[e95344fb74] Removed clutter from mmain.m, and changed Makefile so that mmain.m is the only target file, until the others are cleaned up for objective-c. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[58fd716bda] Renamed engine and mmain to be objective-c files. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[3b6a67f0b4] Objective-C'ified parts of the engine and mmain. Incomplete. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[7bb98ba15b] Added custom init constructor for Fraction, and setNumerator:andDenominator: method (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[8425e1a420] Added fraction objective-c example class and test program. http://www.otierney.net/objective-c.html#gettingstarted (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[312f37b30e] Added objective-c hello world. Modified makefile clean target (use 'make clean' and make sure PLATFORM is set. Modified makefile build to compile objective-c in linux using GNUstep (incomplete for windows and apple platforms). This project will progress into the objective-c (iOS) version, and may be the lead development platform. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[2196450d7d] Added engine, input, and state directly from current head of frontier's 'c' branch (ae0c37d004c63876c0057383b1497e60b6560362). Not added to build yet since it comes from an entirely different project unchanged. Engine and input should provide an abstraction that will help when porting the code to other c-like platforms. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
22:33 • Deleted wiki page design (user: Donny)
22:28 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
22:28 • Changes to wiki page Design (user: Donny)
22:24 • Changes to wiki page design (user: Donny)
22:22 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
22:13 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
22:13 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
22:12 • Changes to wiki page Mafia (user: Donny)
[7778a0661d] Removed test target from Makefile since a seperate executable is no longer built for testing. Removed other unused variables. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
18:21 • Closed ticket [3c7c4455a2]: Add unit testing framework plus 4 other changes (user: Donny)
[6bd206da0f] Ticket [3c7c4455a2] resolved, testing is performed by passing command line argument -test to mafia executable. Testing takes place of normal program execution. All tests should be written in test.c, which has been added to the Make build. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[4b95bde3d0] Added command line parser, and printable summary of the values of all command line arguments. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
17:23 • New ticket [3c7c4455a2] Add unit testing framework. (user: Donny)
[6b45736663] Created a skeleton project layout and hello world program in C. (user: Donny, tags: trunk)
[edf49f4af0] initial empty check-in (user: Donny, tags: trunk)