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Wiki page [Design] by Donny 2012-10-04 18:29:02.
D 2012-10-04T18:29:02.585
L Design
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U Donny
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  *  Game
  *  Input
  *  Roles


  *  Initial (Empty State, transition to anything else)
  *  Splash (Display an image for a set time or until user input)
  *  Setup (Choose names, appearance)
  *  Day (Discussion during the day on who is guilty)
  *  Vote (Vote for who is to lynch or put on trial, and <i>possibly</i> disable discussion).
  *  Trial (Accused person defends himself)
  *  Judgement (Vote inno/guilty/abstain)
  *  Judgement Result Animation (Innocent, step down, or show them getting lynched)
  *  Night (Animation/music for the duration of the night. Choose whether or not to perform if action if applicable. Chat if your role can chat.)
  *  Aftermath (Show everyone that died last night)
  *  Game Over (Show results / roles / etc)
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