History Of Ticket 96a606c93626c2280eb5a28d2b9c7cfa8e65b76d
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  1. Ticket change [85ccb703f3] (rid 37) by Derek on 2013-01-03 05:39:36:

    1. Change comment to:

      Factor out the code needed for maintaing a wireframe model from the rest of the drawing code.

    2. Change severity to "Critical"
    3. Change status to "Open"
    4. Change title to "factor out WireframeModel code"
    5. Change type to "Documentation"
  2. Ticket change [187ae5fcdc] (rid 48) by Derek on 2013-01-16 20:16:37:

    1. Change priority to "Immediate"
    2. Change resolution to "Open"
    3. Change type to "Feature_Request"