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Rotating points
User & Date: dir7 on 2013-09-04 17:34:19

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    This is a description of how I intend to do point rotation in the ui.

    To rotate selected points, hold down right click. You are free to move the mouse around to adjust your view. The selected points will remain in the same position relative to everything else, only the camera view rotates. However, If you use the motion keys while right click is held, It will not translate the selected points but instead rotate them according to the right hand rule around the vector corresponding to the motion key pressed. Like translation, there is a minimum smallest rotation, and spamming the key increase the rate of change to the angle.

    If it is desired to rotate about a particular point, then right clicking that point will cause it to be the center of rotation. Otherwise, the center of rotation is determined by finding the middle of the extreme values along each dimension for all points. Thus the rotation point defaults to being in the center of the selected object.

    We may want to provide some kind of visual feedback in the ui, as a cue to users that right click is being held down, and the motion keys will trigger rotation instead of translation.

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