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Artifact ID: 332fc5b5c7a977fac171d56ecbae238af556f386
Ticket: aa20ac0f84885b0f8ec0fe0102745911551d77d1
Editing on a plane
User & Date: Jacob on 2012-12-31 01:18:29

  1. Change comment to:
    Make it possible to edit on a plane such that clicking in an empty space adds a point on that plane in that position and points on that plane can be dragged within that plane.  Also, clicking a point not in the plane shifts the plane to the parallel plane intersecting with that point.
    Also a button will be used for toggling editing within the normal 3d space or a specific plane.
    There are a number of options for how to represent an editing plane graphically.  The most attractive options would be minimal, yet provide sufficiently clear visual information.
    I suggest creating a crosshaired outlined box in the plane around the center axis.  Shifting the plane to another point will actually center the image on that point.
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  4. Change title to "Editing along a plane"
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