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Artifact ID: 137813e525053d0c56c3804720970910a1844ace
Ticket: 94b3554968c3554cf6e7463cf3bd6be5042eadf9
move selection using reference points
User & Date: Jacob on 2012-12-31 01:12:28

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    This is a method to be implemented for moving a selection based on the displacement between two reference points.

    When points are selected, and shift is not held, start dragging from one point to another. A line will appear, colored differently than the connection line to indicate you are measuring a point displacement. When the mouse is released on an end point, the selected points are moved according to the displacement between the line endpoints.

    Note the endpoint could also be made to snap to any point along a line, though we made decide against this option because it complicates things too much.

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