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Artifact ID: 065365e4c530e6e57d819ba4a912a597d55a8f7c
Page Name:MUCkl tribune
Date: 2013-01-13 12:48:25
Original User: devnewton
Parent: cffa93a6e9cc06763f015bdb6684e3a97ac50106

A special version of MUCkl webchat with tribune features.

Try it here: demo

What is MUCkl ?

MUCkl is a web based groupchat application with focus on ease of installation and usage. As a user you just need to enter your desired nickname and start chatting. MUCkl doesn't need Perl, PHP or MySQL at the server side nor Java at the client side. It's just plain HTML/JavaScript.
MUCkl uses Jabber technology to handle all communication. It let's you connect to any predefined MUC-based chat room.

What is a tribune?

A tribune is a type of chat popular in some obscure french websites.

It adds to traditionnal chat some usefull features: