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This script checks websites for good and bad content, it can be used to check
the HTTP status code, the HTTP response headers and the content of the page
itself. Check the XML configuration files for examples in the comments showing
the syntax used.

The script is concurrent so that requests and checks can be done in parallel.
If a command line switch --realtime is present the results would be displayed
as they're received, otherwise the script would wait until all results are back
before displaying them in same order as the XML.

A default HTTP timeout of 5 seconds is used, but this can be overwritten by
--timeout e.g. --timeout 1

The <servers> tags are used when a site is setup on more than one server e.g. a
cluster. The idea is to check that the site is setup responding correctly on
each of the servers it is configured on, rather than just the one its domain
resolves to.

e.g. checking the google site on two of its servers

curl -I -H "Host:"
curl -I -H "Host:"

If <servers> are not defined then we use where the domain resolves to.