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<h1>Why here?</h1>

I have been using Emacs since the 80's as my primary editor.
Recently I needed to find a DVCS system easy to setup and found Fossil.
Nice discovery.
I decided to put some of my stuff on the web using <a href="http://fossil-scm.org">Fossil</a>. Among the stuff that can be used are some Emacs Lisp files...

<h1>What's in here</h1>
<h2>lisp/plantUML.el</h2> I recently had a look
at <a href="http://plantuml.sourceforge.net">plantUML</a> as a way of
quickly generating UML schematics without having to play with drawing
tools or other modeling tools that require you to provide so much
information before being useful...

I found a pointer to some basic helper functions and based on them, I wrote
a quick plantuml-mode to easily manipulate those small UML drawing description
and preview them with Emacs.

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