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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

21:27 Replace snprintf() with the macro PICOL_SNPRINTF. Define PICOL_SNPRINTF through _snprintf_s() for old versions of MSVC. check-in: 5fd46012cf user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.9
13:15 Match the [rename foo {}] error message with Tcl 8.6. check-in: 113e3cca5c user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.8
09:59 appveyor.yml: Include the tag, if present, in the executable name. Bump the version. check-in: cd434d58be user: dbohdan tags: trunk, appveyor-tag-test
09:50 [file split]: Escape leading "~" with "./" in path fragments like Tcl 8.6 does. Bump the version to 0.3.7. check-in: 9042c57d02 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.7
18:39 Allow [lreplace] "from" indexes beyond the last element again. The "list doesn't contain element" error in Tcl 8.6.6-8.6.8 was a regression. check-in: fae1ea2de3 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.6
09:27 Fix [info] and [interp] with no arguments causing a segfault through the use of SUBCMD. Bump the version to 0.3.5. check-in: af010d97a8 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.5
18:07 Fix a segfault on [clock format] with no clock value. Bump the version to 0.3.4. check-in: d43555a9eb user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.4
10:32 Process line continuation sequences in braced strings. Bump the version to 0.3.3. check-in: a4c8e399c2 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.3
04:48 Do not force-quote the first argument to picolQuoteForShell() on Windows. This reverses the change in v0.2.2. Bump the version to 0.3.2. check-in: 78aa441553 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.2
04:24 Add the command [rawexec], a version of [exec] that doesn't quote the arguments. check-in: 159a159ac9 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.1
19:41 Restore the accidentally deleted line that defines PICOL_FEATURE_GLOB as 0 for MSVC and MinGW-w64. check-in: 30bd622097 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.3.0
11:25 Implement the operators &, |, ^, << and >> and the commands [!], [~], [min] and [max]. Allow to shorten [glob -directory] to [glob -dir]. Bump the version to 0.2.4. check-in: f5973273d4 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.2.4
20:52 clean.cmd: Fix the file paths with slashes. check-in: d48396271d user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.2.3
20:39 appveyor.yml: Bump the version. check-in: 28537831c5 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.2.2
09:10 Merge the branch list-parser-compat. check-in: 8baea5a893 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.2.1
06:44 appveyor.yml: Bump version check-in: 3cbc98db4c user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.2.0
05:12 Define macro S_ISDIR(m) for MSVC. check-in: 3dfff18a14 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.35
20:54 appveyor.yml: Download a Tclkit to run the tests in Tcl 8.6. check-in: 19e153fef8 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.34
11:16 Implement picolCreateInterp2(int register_core_cmds, int randomize). Bump version to 0.1.33. check-in: 1b2932cb10 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.33
10:48 Make [lindex] act as an identity function if no index is given. check-in: c1b3d642b8 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.32
17:50 Minor type and casting fixes. check-in: 256e8e52e6 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.31
09:48 Implement [string map]. Bump version to 0.1.30. check-in: 2905658d9b user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.30
15:25 Merge the branch windows-read-fix except for the changes to COMMAND(read) itself. check-in: 921b375857 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.29
10:30 Bump version to 0.1.28. check-in: c577c9968e user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.28
09:43 Fix overly long strings returned by [read] causing segfaults (ticket [a141e55b98]): [read] will throw an error when the contents read from a channel is too long. Add the global variable tcl_platform(maxLength) set to the value of MAXSTR - 1. (To read as much as you can from a channel at a time use [read $f $::tcl_platform(maxLength)]). Update the macro APPEND(dst,src) to limit the string length to sizeof(dst) - 1, not sizeof(dst) - 2. Bump the version to 0.1.26. check-in: 9871a57dd4 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.26
15:03 Bump version to 0.1.25. check-in: da6a60665e user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.25
14:48 Fix {*} expansion of braced literals (e.g., "{*}{a b c}"). check-in: 1ef9eb584f user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.24
18:06 MSVC (Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0) compatibility and build scripts. check-in: 702d24a9c4 user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.23
18:52 Initial commit Based on Picol version 0.1.22 from https://tcl.wiki/_repo/wiki_images/picol0-1-22.zip check-in: 7563ceccdc user: dbohdan tags: trunk, version-0.1.22