Picol is a fun-size Tcl interpreter: the version found in this repository is around 3 KSLOC. Picol was originally written by Salvatore Sanfilippo and then extended by Richard Suchenwirth in 2007.

This fork splits it into a library (picol.h) for embedding the interpreter in other applications and a REPL program (interp.c) and includes a number of fixes for correctness and Tcl 8.x compatibility. Examples of programs that embed Picol can be found in the directory examples/.

Note that Picol is not intended for production use.

Getting the latest source code


Go here and click "Tarball" to download.


fossil clone https://chiselapp.com/user/dbohdan/repository/picol/ picol.fossil
mkdir picol
cd picol
fossil open ../picol.fossil

Building and testing Picol

Go to the directory where you downloaded Picol and run

make test
make examples-test


Per-commit Windows binaries are available from AppVeyor. They are not necessarily up to date.

More about Picol

See also

  • Jim Tcl (wiki) — Also started by Salvatore Sanfilippo, Jim is a small but full-featured embeddable Tcl implementation.
  • LIL (wiki) — A Tcl interpreter in a pair of .h/.c files that is somewhat larger than Picol.