happypenguin.com 2013 data dump for SQLite3
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Artifact ID: ab40a200ddf1f0b57d2b0423fdcdc8a0997ee1a3
Page Name:happypenguin.com 2013 data dump for SQLite3
Date: 2015-02-10 19:19:01
Original User: dbohdan
Parent: 2eb1ce73b7e4e3fbd1c266ee9d52e67c8cb057fc

This is the database content from the The Linux Dome Game Tome (happypenguin.com) 2013 data dump converted from the MySQL SQL dump format to the respective format for SQLite3.

How to use

The data for each table is stored in its own separate .sql file. The name of the table matches the filename. Note that each SQL file contains instructions to drop and recreate the matching table first.

To create an SQLite3 database file containing the data from all five tables run import.sh. You will need the command line interface for SQLite version 3 installed (sqlite3). The database file will be named hp.sqlite3db.


Download the latest version as a tarball or ZIP file.