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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

03:55 [3478712789] Release 2010-10-05 03:55:49 (user: drh, tags: release)
03:55 [12a79e5b93] Update to the latest SQLite 3.7.3 beta. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
15:51 [b48f78964e] Merge in changes from the wolfgangFormat2CSS_2 branch, but with edits. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
22:24 [8474ca6747] Omit the link to the "ZIP archive" if the user does not have permissions to download the ZIP archive. Ticket [f18142409088bfc707e26]. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
10:09 [d090292800] Update SQLite to the latest 3.7.1 development snapshot. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
03:29 [0ec2c22dfe] Since there's no difference between Solaris and OpenSolaris in builds (they both require libnsl it turns out), the files are now merged as PLATFORM=solaris. (user: michael, tags: newbuild, ttmrichter)
15:33 [fb5f0c2580] Update SQLite to the latest beta of 3.7.0. This provides much better server concurrency when the repository database file is set to WAL mode. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
16:21 [3343450e64] Fix issues with attachments on tickets. In the artifact viewer, do a better job of detecting JPEG images from the content prefix. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
14:20 [73c24ae363] Fix some compiler warnings on windows. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
14:18 [599e6abfb1] Make the File menu option default to showing only the files in tip. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
12:30 [02f638a16f] Fixed bug [2245a1e3d0]. rm command now properly checks return value. (user: jeremy_c, tags: trunk, release)
17:55 [c4c231069e] Fixes to the login processing for "clone". (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
20:53 [a3c97c9063] Merge experimental remote-url password handling changes into the trunk. (user: drh, tags: trunk, release)
08:43 [47cc9dfec8] Leaf: Experimental - Pass < !-- --> comments through the wiki unchanged unless inside a < verbatim > block in which case it is htmlized. Also pass < span > tags, treating them as font markup. These changes make it easier to convert existing html pages and specifically allow the inclusion of license text in pages derived from copyright material. (user: robert, tags: robert-exp, pass-comments)
22:54 [cdbc3ab248] Moved new tcksetup.c into checkout dir before commit, added rstats command to get stat page info from command line. (user: kejoki, tags: newcmd_rstatus, trunk)
03:44 [f4aa6d09d3] Merge to [f08599e87b]. (user: aku, tags: cvs2fossil-complete, trunk)