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18:44 Silence a warning in libfossil.cpp Leaf check-in: b4282e4338 user: dave tags: iOS-library
19:10 typo in fossil ticket help fixed, solving [a888fc2aa7] Leaf check-in: 3c6f67fc81 user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangTicketCmd
14:42 removed unused include -------------------------------- moved false branch commit to closed leaf Closed-Leaf check-in: afca329121 user: wolfgang
13:10 added command line help page to the gui Leaf check-in: ffbfb4d57c user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangFormat2CSS_2
12:15 SLL uses system-wide default CAs. Ticket [f696bc85f8b91d263f5bf4c5bbd2]. Leaf check-in: 8995df3aee user: drh tags: trunk
14:40 Merge from trunk. Leaf check-in: 029448a394 user: michael tags: ttmrichter-skins
03:24 Fix issues with the prior commit on this branch. The small-stack non-recursive implementation appears to be working. Ticket [2a1e8e3c4b0b39e08fdde]. Leaf check-in: f93a54d0ba user: drh tags: small_stack
01:21 Updates and corrections to the file format documentation. Leaf check-in: 3e48b683de user: drh tags: experimental
18:07 ws alignment for printed table of status Leaf check-in: 81e9a2d0ac user: bch tags: lang
14:33 separated timeline javascript code in separate file, to enable caching and preventing errors with HTML validator and mising <,>,.. Closed-Leaf check-in: e8f200b6d3 user: wolfgang
23:37 Fix some rendering issues with the new wiki formatter.    Closed-Leaf check-in: 7d2fe13c82 user: drh tags: wolfgangFormat2CSS
11:37 Improvements to the "stat" page formatting. Leaf check-in: b41feab774 user: drh tags: trunk
17:29 merged-make-corrections Closed-Leaf check-in: 036d76815b user: Ratte tags: stv-skinning
15:51 make compilation depend on _WIN32 being defined by including allways config.h Leaf check-in: c0a530f482 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
13:17 Untested implementation of popen2() for windows. Leaf check-in: 34ea1e4abb user: drh tags: experimental
03:49 Merged with trunk. Leaf check-in: 861a885c74 user: michael tags: ttmrichter
19:01 “delete” command, still can use “del” which is shorter and non ambiguous – ignore -wal and -shm files in repository root for adding, computing extras and closing repository, just in case Leaf check-in: 2a4ab3b151 user: benoit tags: benoit
13:25 Run without arguments, fossil proposes to run fossil help to list available commands. Closed-Leaf check-in: e0a9b6e044 user: benoit tags: benoit
05:21 Create new branch named "ticket-92d3a03459" Leaf check-in: 0fadfd26ba user: michael tags: ticket-92d3a03459
19:19 Change the title of the home page from "Fossil Home Page" to simply "Home Page". Leaf check-in: 0fd61810c4 user: drh tags: exp-search
18:24 re-introduce "co" "checkout" command to BSD branch Leaf check-in: 0072bfefd2 user: bch tags: trunk
19:14 Move what used to be the called the trunk into a separate branch named "gpl". The trunk will be modified to contain only code to which we hold clear title and which is licensed using the 2-clause BSD License. Leaf check-in: ccc7701cc6 user: drh tags: gpl
19:08 Change from GPL to the Simplified BSD License. Leaf check-in: c06edd231f user: drh tags: clear-title
17:02 On the timeline graph, strive to put the "trunk" to the far left. Leaf check-in: 4c931047ef user: drh tags: trunk
12:55 Change the timeline comment when a wiki page is deleted. Remove some "#if 0" sections from the code. Leaf check-in: 49e6670386 user: drh tags: experimental
08:18 fix small issue in postbuild Leaf check-in: 7f2ccea7ff user: ron tags: ron-make
18:12 Merge all the latest trunk changes into the SSL branch. Closed-Leaf check-in: 8c23a947eb user: drh tags: ssl
14:20 Added better error message when trying to remove a directory. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1761fee055 user: jeremy_c tags: dead-end
20:52 Use the saved sync-url password for autosync. Leaf check-in: f703a2fca2 user: drh tags: experimental
10:10 Fixed bug where /doc could only be read if the user had checkout security - drh adds: This is not a bug. Checkout permission prevents /doc from being used to "checkout" any version of any file. Closed-Leaf check-in: acba194c0d user: jeremy_c tags: dead-end
16:21 Additional clarification in the Password Management document. Leaf check-in: 261e55346d user: drh tags: experimental
14:59 • Changed security for timeline. To view the timeline, you must now have History access. The timeline will then display only items which you have access to. "o" (Check-out) is required for source history, "j" (Read-Wiki) is required for Wiki history and "r" (Read-Tkt) is required for Ticket history. Closed-Leaf check-in: 71ad9b62a7 user: jeremy_c tags: jeremy_c-timeline
11:17 Styles don't work in wiki, so mark it with italics Leaf check-in: c01667b00d user: dmitry tags: trunk
20:05 add wiki-contents macro to creole parser, plus minor bug fix Leaf check-in: b99aa66d1f user: robert tags: creole
22:05 Added 'achtung' CSS class to the Preview label, to make it more obvious (but i still think the preview should arguably be below the editor (but could be convinced otherwise)). Leaf check-in: 4ba7b9c288 user: stephan tags: trunk
03:59 checkpoints for the is_ticket() function Leaf check-in: 5d49162a31 user: bch tags: fix artifact checkout
08:43 Experimental - Pass < !-- --> comments through the wiki unchanged unless inside a < verbatim > block in which case it is htmlized. Also pass < span > tags, treating them as font markup. These changes make it easier to convert existing html pages and specifically allow the inclusion of license text in pages derived from copyright material. Leaf check-in: 47cc9dfec8 user: robert tags: robert-exp, pass-comments
11:41 If no userid is specified in the URL then the client omits the login card from its request. Closed-Leaf check-in: 09d6a6eb16 user: drh tags: experimental
21:18 Changed update docs, ** ADDED A _SPECIAL_ (but MUTYPE_BLOCK) wikitag <annotation> to put html comments in wikimarkup Leaf check-in: 51868cb12f user: kkennell tags: kkinnell-exp
13:45 Create named fork test-tag-1 Closed-Leaf check-in: 32b480faa3 user: drh tags: test-tag-1, trunk
06:37 Merged bugfix [b3d61d7829] into this semi-abandoned branch just in case we will work on it again. Do it now instead of forgetting it later. Closed-Leaf check-in: 383c10f004 user: aku tags: trunk
21:58 tclfossil: added schema command Closed-Leaf check-in: 8c4b530084 user: mjanssen tags: tclfossil-1
23:42 For the record an alternative design for the main method of the pass manager where the four principal loops (skip, setup, run, and defer) are merged into two (skip/setup) and (run/defer). Not really less code, also more complex to understand and maintain. The fact that 'setup' and 'run' is performed for the same passes is more difficult to see. Thi... Closed-Leaf check-in: 4df56a9e7e user: aku tags: trunk
04:02 Merging formatting changes to timeline and concepts documentation Closed-Leaf check-in: 9b30224db7 user: aku tags: trunk