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The extra command is informational, it doesn't do anything to a checked-out project, but it tells you something about it.

Extra files are files that exist in a checked-out project, but don't belong to the repository.

The fossil extra command will get you a list of these files.

This is convenient for figuring out if you've added every file that needs to be

in the repository before you do a commit. It will also tell you what will be removed if you clean the project.

Suppose, for example, you have a "noodle.src" file as a scratch pad for source code, and you don't want to include your latest hare-brained ideas in the repository? You don't add it to the repository, of course—though there are ways you might add it unintentionally. If your project is big, and you want to find noodle.src, and anything else that isn't under source control within the project directories, then fossil extra will give you a list.

If you don't think this is all that useful, then you've never had to write a shell script that only affects project files and leaves everything else alone. ;)

The extra command is almost, but not quite entirely, the exact opposite of the ls command.

See also: fossil status, fossil ls, fossil changes, fossil clean, Reference