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Artifact ID: fb471aca7240a9b00dac467e26c30e2cd9079cb7
Page Name:linkdata2sd
Date: 2016-03-20 16:05:37
Original User: brau


is a script designed to run inside android phones to migrate data/cache directories from internal storage to sd card.

Assuming you have Link2sd installed in your phone, this script covers the data handled by premium licence only.

This is not an app, it is a script sh. To run it you could install a terminal emulator app or login into the device via a ssh server app.

Once in terminal

$su      (enter root mode, if not already)
#sh    (wherever the script is located)

In default mode the app presents the installed apps' data/cache sorted by size (in decreasing order). From here on you can: - delete the data (delete) - move the data to the sd card (link) - launch a shell inside the data directory (sh) - make a snapshot of current data (snap) -

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