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Configuration Files

The xmonad.hs closely emulates the window division behaviors of Wmii / Orion / I3 / Ion, and other non-minimal tiling window managers (eg. not DWM, or other window managers of the strongly "minimalist" flavor). See xmonad.hs for more details...

It focuses heavily on the ability to manipulate multiple independent groups of windows one or more monitors, with a high degree of granularity. The current way that this is abstracted is through the use of LayoutScreens to pretend that the different "panes" of a Rectangle are in fact different screens. The user may work at a higher level of abstraction, not worrying about master-slave window relationships, nor excessively rigid "dynamic" window behavior.

This is particularly useful in a number of circumstances:

  1. When using a widescreen monitor, and more efficient screen utilization of the screen space is desired
  1. When using multiple monitors, and Xinerama or TWinView are unavailable
  1. When using systems with limited or restrictive X servers, that are incapable of using XRender (xrdp sessions with the span option are a case in point for this functionality)

Included are some other useful behaviors that are not commonly implemented:


Transparent Window Decorations

The main patches of note make the window decorations transparent in xmonad-contrib:



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I'm not terribly experienced in Haskell, but I'm getting better! Comments/critiques are always welcome, especially from experienced Haskell programmers!


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