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04:13 - link to tarball of HTML documentation instead (need to figure out how to host HTML on sourceforge) Leaf check-in: ebe7f82519 user: beyert tags: trunk,
04:07 - fix links to documentation check-in: 2cc3d9ef07 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:32 - update release page to note URL of check-in: 430b071e75 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:23 - update copyright check-in: 248bff2d99 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:13 - switch from K&R style indentation to Lisp style indentation (I don't care for curly braces...) check-in: 7fffe140ad user: beyert tags: trunk,
05:43 - fix/hack to get mouse emulation working with newer versions of Xorg / SDL (both 1.x and 2.x) / FreeBSD, as delta should never be zero anyway (when the axis data is invalid, the event loop will poll more times than is necessary; it is recommended to run Joytran in quiet mode if this issue is present) check-in: e550fb6273 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:24 - fix build check-in: 8ee9260fa1 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:23 - fix handling of settings when reading configuration check-in: 86e3612f76 user: beyert tags: trunk,
22:29 - fix hyperlinks in wiki pages check-in: 3f5f5e7c3b user: beyert tags: trunk,
22:22 - rename all html files to wiki files check-in: 53dfc8c941 user: beyert tags: trunk,
22:16 - begin transition towards using embedded documentation for wiki check-in: bb0e93bffe user: beyert tags: trunk,
03:38 - fix joystick support for newer versions of SDL 2.x (enable SDL_HINT_JOYSTICK_ALLOW_BACKGROUND_EVENTS) check-in: 64dcd69035 user: beyert tags: trunk,
04:18 - Fix some typos, and note a fix for latency in input. check-in: 52f4ca82d5 user: beyert tags: trunk,
06:00 - Update documentation slightly check-in: 69b460757b user: beyert tags: trunk,
05:58 - Add information on some topics in documentation. check-in: 8fef266cac user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.5-RELEASE
05:37 - Fix issue "multiple assignments of same key across multiple axis or hat only works on one". The solution turned out to be to have a counter variable for each axis and hat, and to reduce the number of flushes from 9 to 1. As a side-effect, this should improve responsiveness and reduce occurrences of drift on slow machines.

- Make FLUSH_SLICES a compile time variable (default is 1).

- Update documentation to reflect new version. check-in: 7e65cbc8c5 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.5-RELEASE

07:24 - Improve code formatting. check-in: 3cf0f42188 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.3-RELEASE
06:24 - Update documentation. check-in: 5e2bf7acc8 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.3-RELEASE
06:17 - Update documentation to reflect current version, and fix compilation with xelatex (image needed a bounding box for some reason...). check-in: 3c3e1c4dc5 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.3-RELEASE
04:54 - Increment version to 0.9.3. check-in: 7b3d81fdb1 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.3-RELEASE
04:51 - Add support for SDL2 API, which is now the default. The old SDL 1.2.x API may still be used if desired (although it is only recommended if you have issues with the 2.x API), given the proper variables are set in the BSDMakefile or CMakeLists.txt. Output the SDL version used by Joytran at runtime when the --version/-V flag is used. Fix a small bug regarding device IDs when listing devices. check-in: 5388b6a81a user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.3-RELEASE
09:08 - Fully implement device listing support (both Joytran and SDL). Slightly adjust joystick detection of active joystick. check-in: 4f29979ccd user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.0-RELEASE
04:28 - Always ignore profile data for non-existent joysticks. For this reason, default to the two-player profile again. Note that this still does not protect against extra button, axis, or hat assignments. check-in: 16300b3a63 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.0-RELEASE
04:12 - Improve code that sets default axes and hats. Check if both the number of axes and hats are zero. check-in: ca5370db5a user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.0-RELEASE
03:49 - Implement initialization of profiles to allow profiles that don't necessarily set every button with safe defaults. This in particular prevents assigned buttons from trying to send invalid keys when not all of the buttons are assigned (most likely due to the program trying to access invalid regions of memory). Additionally, if extra axes or hats are unassigned, it shouldn't segfault anymore (same goes for unassigned joysticks).

- Add another verbosity parameter -e, which takes place of old -v setting. The -v setting now simply provides additional debug information. check-in: afd5d31c80 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.0-RELEASE

02:14 - Update copyright to 2013. check-in: 1710db18e8 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
02:08 - Adjust spacing between arguments of functions and apply indentation settings. check-in: 57192e4957 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
00:54 - In joystick loading code, check number of hats as well. check-in: bea83a83be user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
08:00 - Fix variable initialization that fixes loading of configurations.

- Adjust BSDMakefile and CMakeLists.txt to no longer install html documentation (since it no longer exists), and properly handle errors in the hypothetical case. check-in: ad6d433fc6 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

11:48 - Add .make-config to the list of ignored files. check-in: f1210d4672 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
11:46 - Modify BSDMakefile to handle wildcards properly to get rid of horrendously verbose source file listing. Reorganize targets in a more sensible way. Tested with FreeBSD and NetBSD make. check-in: b413c2734d user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
05:43 - In CMakeLists.txt and BSDMakefile, Implement support for remaining documentation files in documentation targets, and use -isystem for header includes instead of -I to avoid the need for -Wno-variadic-macros switch on clang/gcc. check-in: 87a773bdd4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
03:46 - fix upload-all target in documentation/Makefile (goes to show how frequently I use it...). check-in: 432706eb80 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
03:44 - enable UTF-8 as the default encoding for all files.

- Change the default profile to be the single player profile, to make the program easier to use for newbies.

- Adjust code to compile with fairly aggressive clang or gcc warning/error flags (this applies to both cmake and native BSD Makefiles).

- Various makefile cleanups.

- Adjust code formatting in many areas, including a switch to ternary operator if/else statements in some areas.

- Adjust documentation regarding third-party compiler support via clang.

- Add extraneous files to ignore-glob. check-in: 1b0170b422 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

09:46 - documentation/manual.tex: Update notes on compatibility with PlayStation 3 controllers. check-in: c226f6f0ab user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
09:37 - documentation/manual.tex: Update "publication" date on documentation, since it has changed substantially since February. check-in: 92064c27f5 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
09:33 - documentation/manual.tex: Note that the SDL issue has since been resolved. Note that PlayStation 3 controllers do work via the MayFlash Universal Adapter, and note officially tested hardware. check-in: 62c194b4c4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
01:53 - documentation/manual.tex: Add a minor note about the SDL issue. check-in: 8e886931f1 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
00:07 - documentation/manual.tex: Fix a typo. check-in: 36f51ea7e1 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
23:55 - documentation/manual.tex: Fix remaining usages of description environment. check-in: 81db90b505 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
23:49 - documentation/Makefile: Fix upload-documentation target.

- documentation/manual.tex: Fix indentation in pdf for description environment. check-in: 1377951e9f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

22:15 - documentation/manual.tex: Add bourne shell version of SDL fix. Make less than symbol appear properly in both html and pdf versions. check-in: 5344ba33e0 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
21:58 - documentation/manual.tex: Add sections "No key events are generated", "It just segfaults!". Update documentation on usage of usbhidctl and SDLJoytest-GL. Update notes on compatibility with PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 controllers. check-in: f587263d6f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
09:29 - documentation/manual.tex: Fix quotation of ${LOCALBASE}, Update notes for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 controllers. check-in: f46b1e863f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
22:16 - documentation/Makefile: Don't use latex+dvipdf or pdflatex anymore, use xelatex instead.

- documentation/manual.tex: Add some conditionals to handle images properly with xelatex. For some reason, it gets too confused during conversion when an eps is present, if the jpg is not specifically requested.. Adjust \abs command to work in TeX2page. Get rid of conditional for usage of \abs, since it works in TeX2page now. check-in: 0c772e348f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

08:10 - documentation/Makefile: Also upload stylesheets. check-in: cbaabe1f3f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
06:40 - documentation/manual.tex: Get rid of commented references to the listings package. check-in: 88355794d4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
06:39 - documentation/Makefile: Add support for stylesheets and fonts.

- documentation/manual.tex: Add css support.

- documentation/tex2page.css: Add first css file. It isn't really very ambitious yet... check-in: def13955dc user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

09:19 - documentation/Makefile: Get rid of now redundant looping target, since we don't want multiple scp calls in a short interval of time. check-in: bef7479100 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
09:19 - documentation/Makefile: Adjust upload targets, since apparently scp doesn't work with the cd command in Makefiles... (why is this??) check-in: bab02f74ce user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
09:03 - documentation/Makefile: Adjust Makefile now that the "from scratch" html documentation is gone. Greatly adjust targets. In all upload targets, try to minimize number of calls to scp.

- documentation/manual.htm: Get rid of "from scratch" html documentation. It lives on in the LaTeX port. check-in: a273ac459d user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

08:44 - documentation/manual.tex: Add support for title page. check-in: 5eb2f4a68b user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
08:41 - .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Add documentation/html and documentation/pdf paths to be ignored, since these are where generated documentation files go.

- documentation/Makefile: Rewrite build targets to support building in separate directories. Improve clean targets to be more comprehensive.

- documentation/manual.tex: Implement table of contents support. Use tex2page macros to use specific texonly and htmlonly functionality in certain areas. Replace all usages of \paragraph{} macro with the setspace package. Fix image links at the end at least in the tex2html tex backend. Now this looks like it could fully replace the manually written html documentation. check-in: ff29de6595 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

07:05 - .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Ignore more types of file extensions.

- documentation/Makefile: Adjust makefile to handle LaTeX to pdf generation.

- documentation/manual.tex: Make preliminary LaTeX version of manual. This will be the future manual, (at least once I work out image hyper-linking issues...) using TeX2Page to generate the HTML version. check-in: c7a067db21 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

03:02 - documentation/manual.htm: Fix some typos, improve some sentences. check-in: f3e72c9f44 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE
20:53 - CMakeLists.txt: Don't force clang, just obey CC. Either clang or gcc should work fine as CC.

- RELEASE: Increment version to 0.8.8.

- documentation/manual.htm: Fix typo regarding usage of cmake. check-in: 0f276af060 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.8-RELEASE

08:40 - BSDMakefile: In install target, update DOCUMENTATION_FILES to take glob of htm and jpg files ONLY.

- CMakeLists.txt: In install target, update DOCUMENTATION_RELEASE_FILES to take glob of htm and jpg files ONLY. check-in: 194f42cff4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.7-RELEASE

08:21 - documentation/Makefile: Add Makefile to upload documentation with greater ease. check-in: 43fd438ae7 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.7-RELEASE
07:58 - documentation/manual.htm: Add "Special Thanks" chapter, with section "Hosting Providers". check-in: 2c73e7a0c0 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.7-RELEASE
07:22 - BSDMakefile: Get rid of redundant code. Don't force an assignment for OBJECT_FILES, since I'm no longer trying to circumvent lazy evaluation in the current file. check-in: 06e4b4a53f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.7-RELEASE
07:12 - all: merge branch system-wide_profiles_and_documentation with trunk. check-in: af8f2ccd45 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.7-RELEASE
07:07 - BSDMakefile: Add missing SOURCE_FILES and HEADER_FILES, which was backported from 0.8.7-RELEASE. Fix potential error on variable RELEASE_FILES. Get rid of include in RELEASE_FILES, since it is no longer used, and breaks target build-release. check-in: 22f44e47b5 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.6-RELEASE
06:53 - BSDMakefile: Add missing SOURCE_FILES and HEADER_FILES. (This will be backported to 0.8.6). Adjust CPPFLAGS to make PREFIX and LOCALBASE available in the C source. Get rid of target ${OBJECT_FILES}:, since it is not necessary. Get rid of commented old-style directory local building of object files. In install target, install documentation (optional, based on value of INSTALL_DOCUMENTATION) as well as profiles. In the build-release and install targets, don't use the recursive switch on cp commands. On clean target, depend on target object-clean. In target build-release, copy separate *_RELEASE_FILES variables separately, rather than the prior RELEASE_FILES variable. This will enable this Makefile to maintain consistency with cmake.

- CMakeLists.txt: Add option for INSTALL_DOCUMENTATION. Add variables PROFILES_RELEASE_FILES, DOCUMENTATION_RELEASE_FILES. Remove documentation and profiles from LOCAL_RELEASE_FILES. In target build-release, copy separate *_RELEASE_FILES variables separately, and implement support for the new *_RELEASE_FILES variables. In the build-release target, don't use the recursive switch on cp commands. Print out the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable for user diagnostics. Add new variables CMAKE_INSTALL_SHARE_PATH, CMAKE_INSTALL_DOC_PATH, CMAKE_INSTALL_JOYTRAN_DOC_PATH, CMAKE_INSTALL_JOYTRAN_SHARE_PATH, and CMAKE_INSTALL_PROFILES_PATH. Print out values of more variables for user diagnostics. Adjust CMAKE_CPP_FLAGS to make PREFIX and LOCALBASE available in the C source. Conditionally install documentation, and install profiles.

- README: Note different versions of FreeBSD where Joytran has been tested.

- RELEASE: Increment version to 0.8.7.

- documentation/manual.htm: Edit various sections for brevity. Get rid of obsolete information. Note the presence of system-wide profiles.

- src/handle_args.c: Change char *filename to char filename[] for system-wide joytran profiles. Add char local_filename[] for local joytran profiles. Get rid of -f option, because it is no longer necessary with both local and system-wide configuration files, and could potentially cause fatal crashes in the program. Invoke actions local_config_filename and system_config_filename to determine the proper local_filename and filename values. Move action die elsewhere.

- src/handle_args.h: Move action die elsewhere.

- src/helper_fns.c: Add various numeric constants. Adjust action handle_config to check for, and return different values, based on whether or not a local or system-wide profile was found. Add actions system_config_filename and local_config_filename, and relocate action die from src/handle_args.c.

- src/helper_fns.h: Add various numeric contsants. Adjust signature of handle_config. Add signatures for actions system_config_filename and local_config_filename, and relocate action signature for die from src/handle_args.h.

- src/main.c: change char *filename to char filename[255], and add char local_filename[255], to represent both system-wide and local configuration files. Note that the local configuration file, when present, always takes priority over the system-wide configuration file. Adjust call to handle_config to take arguments to both filename and local_filename, and capture the appropriate return value to use later. Adjust debug code to report which profile is used based on the return of the handle_config action. Use numeric constants in some places. Call read_values with a configuration file based on the return of the handle_config action. Closed-Leaf check-in: f5a2cf9f1d user: beyert tags: 0.8.7-RELEASE, system-wide_profiles_and_documentation

06:53 Create new branch named "system-wide_profiles_and_documentation" check-in: 458bde8a86 user: beyert tags: 0.8.6-RELEASE, system-wide_profiles_and_documentation
22:40 - BSDMakefile: Make distinction between LOCALBASE and PREFIX as the cmake build already does. This allows easy compilation for a non-standard prefix, when the libraries might be in the "normal" place. check-in: cdf1d6c085 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.6-RELEASE
21:09 - all: Merge branch multiple_headers_and_object_files with trunk. No regressions observed in testing, so it should work as well as prior versions. check-in: 6b9ba9540f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.6-RELEASE
10:57 - CMakeLists.txt: Get rid of the object file deletion, since Cmake doesn't even generate object files here...

- RELEASE: Increment version to 0.8.6.

- src/CMakeLists.txt: Fix Cmake Compilation for multiple object files.

- src/handle_config.c: Delete file, which was supposed be deleted in the prior revision. Its procedures and actions were already incorporated into other files. Now cmake will correctly compile this branch. Closed-Leaf check-in: 0222a8e5f8 user: beyert tags: 0.8.6-RELEASE, multiple_headers_and_object_files

08:40 - BSDMakefile: Backported important important fixes from multiple_headers_and_object_files branch; now CONTACT is a member the of RELEASE_FILES variable, which is needed to generate a distfile. Also more significantly, in the CPPFLAGS, -DRELEASE is properly changed to -DVERSION. Previously without this change, the program would not compile when using BSDMakefile to build, because the macro referenced in the C code is VERSION, _not_ RELEASE.

- CMakeLists.txt: Backported important important fix from multiple_headers_and_object_files branch; now CONTACT is a member the of LOCAL_RELEASE_FILES variable, which is needed to generate a distfile. check-in: 84c1d5b4db user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.4-RELEASE

08:33 - BSDMakefile: Update SOURCE_FILES variable. Add and update HEADER_FILES variable. Be more specific when adding files from the src/ directory to RELEASE_FILES. Add CONTACT to RELEASE_FILES. Add SOURCE_RELEASE and SOURCE_EMAIL variables, which are designed to be used from the src/ directory. Fix variable in CPPFLAGS to set -DVERSION rather than the incorrect -DRELEASE. This fixes the compile and will be backported to the prior release. Add OBJECT_FILES variable and target. Add several targets, namely all, object-clean, and preclean, and rename the former "build" target as c.o, which more accurately reflects what it is. The old "joytran.o" target is now renamed "build", as it should be. Now the install target should have a dependency on the all target, to avoid errors.

- CMakeLists.txt: Preliminary changes needed to compile with multiple object files. Probably does not compile with the current changes, yet. Use BSDMakefile if you need to compile for now.

- RELEASE: Update Version to 0.8.5, when this is done.

- src/BSDMakefile: Get rid of obsolete targets. Add most missing targets. (all targets were added, except for ${OBJECT_FILES}, for obvious technical reasons.)

- src/alloc_values.c: Move max and min functions elsewhere.

- src/alloc_values.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/detect_joysticks.c: Include joy_data and use extern verbosity.

- src/detect_joysticks.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/event_loop.c: Change included file from handle_events.c to handle_events.h.

- src/event_loop.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/generate_events.c: Include math, stdio, and stdlib headers, which are now needed to compile based on the way that the program is now structured. Also include helper_fns header, which is now needed in this file.

- src/generate_events.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/handle_args.c: Include stdlib, stdio, string headers, which are now needed to compile based on the way that the program is now structured.

- src/handle_args.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/handle_config.c: Delete file. Contents have been moved elsewhere.

- src/handle_config.h: Delete header of respective deleted file.

- src/handle_events.c: Include stdlib and SDL headers, which are now needed to compile based on the way that the program is now structured. Also include joy_data, joy_devices, generate_events, which are now needed in this file.

- src/handle_events.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/helper_fns.c: Add new file, containing former files moved from src/handle_config.c and src/alloc_fns.c.

- src/helper_fns.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name.

- src/joy_data.h: Include SDL header and joy_devices header, both of which are now needed to use this include file properly.

- src/main.c: Adjust headers based on the way that the program is now structured. All personal .c includes are now .h includes, and many headers are no longer needed, since they are included in the files that actually use them. SDL and XTest are no longer included at the top level, instead they are included as needed, and Xlib contains all the necessary data types needed at the top level.

- src/read_values.c: Include joy_data instead of using externs, not sure if this will cause problems later, but it compiles and seems to work in preliminary testing.

- src/read_values.h: Add new file, header of C file of the same name. check-in: 7feb3f135e user: beyert tags: 0.8.5-RELEASE, multiple_headers_and_object_files

07:43 Create new branch named "multiple_headers_and_object_files" check-in: ca16375a2b user: beyert tags: 0.8.4-RELEASE, multiple_headers_and_object_files
03:09 .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Add more files to ignore.

- BSDMakefile: Change local include path to ./src rather than ./include, since ./include no longer exists. Create new variables CC and EMAIL. Execute build command as specified by CC, not necessarily gcc anymore. (Default is clang) Don't assume usage of sudo on install target. In build-release target, make tar.bz2 generation use separate tar and bz2 executables, for better portability.

- CMakeLists.txt: Add option USE_CLANG. If it is off, then gcc is used. On is the default. Get rid of include directory from LOCAL_RELEASE_FILES. Add variable CONTACT, (my email address) which simply is the contents of the file CONTACT. In build-release target, make tar.bz2 generation use separate tar and bz2 executables, for better portability. Add support for CPP_FLAGS, such as VERSION and EMAIL, which are now used in the program. Change one of the include directories from include to src.

- CONTACT: Add new file. Put email address here, WITHOUT quotes.

- RELEASE: Increment version to 0.8.4.

- src/BSDMakefile: Change to a second-order "recursive" Makefile. This allows two advantages: it no longer requires duplication of code, other than redirecting the targets, and unlike a traditional "recursive" makefile, regardless of the depth of the directory, there are at most 2 invocations of make. Since this makefile now only specifies targets, almost everything can be removed, except for the targets themselves.

- src/handle_args.c: Add support for -V and --version options, which show the current version. Don't use hard-coded email anymore, since support for CPP_FLAGS has been implemented.

- src/joy_data.h: Renamed from file include/joy_data.h.

- src/joy_devices.h: Renamed from file include/joy_devices.h. check-in: 9a1e331c86 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.4-RELEASE

21:49 .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Add more files to ignore. check-in: ca33cbbd50 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE
21:46 - README: Adjust wording.

- RELEASE: Increment version to 0.8.3.

- src/alloc_values.c: Adjust code to fit in < 80 chars per line.

- src/detect_joysticks.c: Small adjustments to code formatting.

- src/event_loop.c: Get rid of commented code. Adjust code to fit in < 80 chars per line.

- src/handle_args.c: Add action die. Replace usages of printf followed by exit(-1) with die. Reformat some code, slightly. Get rid of redundant curly braces. Get rid of redundant whitespace.

- src/handle_events.c: Reformat code slightly. Get rid of redundant curly braces.

- src/read_values.c: Get rid of redundant whitespace. Fix bug in debugging where the wrong variable was identified. check-in: 3eafd2c93a user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE

06:56 - .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Add file which contains matches to ignore from the fossil extras command. check-in: ce728eaba0 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE
00:02 - documentation/manual.htm: Improved wording in chapter "Program Usage". check-in: 52ab7739f7 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE
23:57 - documentation/manual.htm: Add more commentary in chapter "Program Usage". Rename last chapter from "Avoiding Errors" to "Troubleshooting". Add more potential issues in chapter "Troubleshooting". Improve consistency of terminology. check-in: fd1cf2c24c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE
23:10 - documentation/manual.htm: Revisions to some passages, correct a major terminology error that would confuse users. check-in: 2ce228ff0a user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.3-RELEASE
09:12 - profiles/Last_Remnant: Several improvements made to this profile, based on further testing of the game. check-in: ccc9ea502c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE
08:30 - BSDMakefile: Make various improvements to the build-release target.

- CMakeLists.txt: Port the equivalent improved build-release target to CMake. Make sure that no redundant CMake generated files are included in the tarball. Add actual-clean target, which cleans up CMake generated files. (this will give an error, because it deletes the files that cmake needs to run, but these can simply be regenerated by CMake.) check-in: 1a80f0f311 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE

06:34 - releases/joytran-0.8.tar.bz2: Remove this file. Release tarballs will not be stored under version control, but rather on berliOS or Google Code... check-in: 6ed8a43f64 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE
06:32 - BSDMakefile: Add build-release target, which makes building a given release easy. (Internal project use ONLY please)

- RELEASE: Add file to assist in release tarball generation. Set to 0.8.2. check-in: 0bc7cd3be6 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE

05:58 - COPYRIGHT: Update copyright to 2012.

- README: Add more information in README file.

- documentation/0203121918-diagram.jpg: Add diagram of the PlayStation 2 controller used with Joytran, to explain the context of the provided profiles.

- documentation/manual.htm: Add newly written user manual to the distribution. This should help users understand how to use and configure the program.

- src/handle_args.c: Only look for profiles in ~/.joytran/profiles/ instead of ~/.joytran/. This means that the profiles will be less-cluttered in the future. check-in: 77dc459d4c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE

04:46 - profiles/Last_Remnant: Add preliminary profile for The Last Remnant. check-in: 91da535139 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE
03:26 - profiles/GundeadliGne: Get rid of second player controls, since it requires native joystick support. Add comments regarding the changes that should be made to the default controls of the game.

- profiles/Gundemonium_Recollection: Make several adjustments to the control scheme, to get rid of technical difficulties associated with the ESC key. Get rid of second player controls, since there is only support for one player in this game. Add comments regarding the changes that should be made to the default controls of the game.

- profiles/Perfect_Cherry_Blossom: Get rid of second player controls, since there is only support for one player in this game.

- profiles/Scarlet_Meister: Get rid of second player controls, since there is only support for one player in this game.

- profiles/Trouble_Witches: Get rid of second player controls, since there is only support for one player in this game.

- src/read_values.c: Allow for comment syntax in configuration files. Allow for blank lines in configuration files, although give a warning in this case. Give warnings when lines with heading whitespace are encountered, since these typically cause fatal errors. (at least in the case when heading whitespace is found before an otherwise blank line or a comment.) Make parsing more robust in general. Old configuration files are still fully supported, as per support for backwards compatibility in the configuration file format. check-in: 5f4d0917a3 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE

19:51 - profiles/: Add new profiles for several games. All should run in either wine or VirtualBox. These should correspond to the default controls in these games, although in some cases, slight modifications are assumed. (This will be documented in the respective profiles once comments are implemented) check-in: 7f8de81040 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.2-RELEASE
01:20 - move ./joytran/ back to ./ check-in: ce6cd66270 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.1-RELEASE
23:47 - joytran/CMakeLists.txt: Make CMakeLists.txt allow to specify LOCALBASE. This makes it possible to make a distinction between the system base and the install base (we might want to install to a target that does not contain system directories, and this is the most elegant way to accomplish this)

- Make this 0.8.1-RELEASE, due to the significance of build change (and also due to the confusion of two different distribution files in the first release, one containing the wiki and the newer one without the wiki) check-in: 9fa44fe677 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.1-RELEASE

12:18 - move everything that might be in a tarball into joytran/

- the remaining folder is releases (wiki might return again in the future) check-in: 9bc91c9561 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8-RELEASE

11:44 - got rid of wiki/ since they are already in the scm in the first place (although that is a good approach for editing the files themselves...) check-in: 0bb2c0a62e user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8-RELEASE
09:57 - updated more wiki entries check-in: a82b8d8968 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8-RELEASE
09:34 - 0.8-RELEASE, archive available on files page (the actual release) check-in: 0b9bdbc09e user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8-RELEASE
09:29 - 0.8-RELEASE should be available on the files page (not yet actually) check-in: c609e2ac71 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8-RELEASE
09:27 - on the verge of the actual release check-in: e886f4ba26 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7
09:13 - update wiki on how to open Fossil repository check-in: 90dd7f7d0c user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7
09:10 - fix to wiki links in main check-in: abfa303d08 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7
09:08 - updates to wiki, preparing for 0.8-RELEASE check-in: 3a362bf039 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7
08:41 - BSDMakefile: rename old Makefile to this (Cmake is now the default build system, this is just a fall back), change base file to src/joytran

- CMakeLists.txt: added (use to generate portable Makefile via cmake), checks for existence of libraries, includes installation step

- src/BSDMakefile: rename old Makefile to this, change base file to ../joytran

- src/CMakeLists.txt: adds executable to be compiled check-in: f632613e8e user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7

07:17 - Makefile: separate compile and link phase (preparation for cmake)

- src/Makefile: separate compile and link phase (preparation for cmake) check-in: 73aefd8e87 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7

06:28 - Makefile: clean cmake files (cmake support is in progress)

- wiki/Limitations.htm: commit prior limitations check-in: 7bdb533dcb user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 7

02:55 - src/handle_args.c: add support for more parameters implying help (eg. --help, -help)

- src/handle_config.c: added file; contains check to ensure that valid configuration file exists to avoid segmentation faults

- src/main.c: include and call int handle_config(FILE *) procedure check-in: 2bd24832e8 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6

00:28 - Get rid of redundant puts/printf debugging from prior commit check-in: b07dfa1613 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
00:23 - Major Fixes in the way the axis flip detection is handled - Get rid of left/up/down/right being mapped to left/up/right/down - Fix mouse detection axis issues - Improved Axis Detection - Still haven't addressed mouse emulation properly for hat... check-in: c8a95e5e6d user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
07:49 Updated email address check-in: 789ee956c0 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
07:56 Updated one of the configuration profiles check-in: d54a107d6c user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
05:44 Updated more wiki pages (again...) check-in: 8718a8435b user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
05:29 Updated more wiki pages check-in: 1803edde6e user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
05:04 Add wiki/Tasks.htm to repository check-in: 6ee80bc4c9 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
05:03 Update wiki pages check-in: bd6e070477 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
04:45 Finalize configuration file format. Add support for commas in configuration file format. Finally fix support for axis annotations, now joysticks with reversed horizontal/vertical axes should work correctly. (tested) Add sample configurations to go in .joytran/ Some improvements to code. Still some more work needs to be done for error checking of configurations, as well as documentation of the file format. check-in: 55bc4f9700 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 6
22:52 Deallocate dynamically allocated values at end of lifetime (eg. when SDL event loop ends on exit). Other small clean ups in the code were made. check-in: b9daf31e3c user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 5
12:55 Allocate 2x as much space for each "hat", since what SDL represents as one hat, I represent as two. Gets rid of memory overwriting errors. Removed lots of redundant debug code. Made more messages follow appropriate verbosity setting. check-in: 83d0d1ef2e user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 5
11:33 Merge ptrsmooth (eg. Beta 5) into trunk. Now full pointer smoothing and acceleration is supported, via either a Bresenham line algorithm (default), or my own old algorithm (optional).

Also contains proper merge of dynamic allocation fix in init_values.c (which should have been part of commits d90e730cb1ca80fd9f77dced08ba550f339d5973 and 3b07003dc341e8fc56bb0f3bb132cc56e60ee0e9) check-in: 1b800bbccb user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 5

09:49 Note: allocation fix didn't merge correctly, see commit 1b800bbccb8ec1cbe5cfdd68e9b0609c96d35a09 for a proper fix for init_values.c...

merge dynalloc2 (eg. Beta 4) into trunk. Most of the arrays are now dynamically allocated. Now more than 5 joysticks may be used, as well as more than the previous number of statically allocated axes and hats. Less memory is wasted, as well. check-in: 3b07003dc3 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 4

02:20 Backported major fixes from the very unstable Beta 4 and Beta 5, namely terminating remaining keysyms for 9 time slices instead of 3 when idle (this became an issue with two controllers plugged in???), and a fix for axis flipping when the mouse is used. (now it correctly utilizes user axis annotations instead of always flipping axes when a mouse relative movement is assigned to a relative axis) check-in: 95800c394d user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 3
10:37 The mouse emulation when used on an axis now has a notion of acceleration, which is an acceleration coefficient based on the absolute value of the axis. This does not apply to the hat, which in SDL, only has directional values, although for the hat a small coefficient might be added later, based on duration of the event. check-in: b0ef3d3ac0 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 3
05:42 Updated Limitations to reflect that it no longer cancels out keypresses when the axes/hats are idle check-in: 8a2c333483 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 2
05:35 Fixed issue where negation of keys when idle disables the use of the respective keys on keyboard; now it sends XTestSend event to terminate any idle movement keys for 3 more time slices on any axis movement, where if there is a keyrepeat, it will do so for 3 additional time slices. In the event of a key release, it will flush for 2 additional time slices, (hence, 3) which is the minimum required to prevent drift. check-in: 4429e3fc78 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 2
23:56 more experiments in generate-events.c, still has bugs that need to be fixed. The wiki was added to the repository in raw form, so that others may contribute towards it without using the web interface. More pages were added. check-in: 57826ae082 user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 1
10:04 Brought back algorithm in generate-events.c to the old method, so drift is gone again. Unfortunately, this disrupts the usage of axis/hat keys (this is noticeable particularly when they are mapped to arrow keys) while joytran is running, so when you aren't using your joystick, it is recommended to close joytran; a fix is in early planning stages. check-in: b9d698f6aa user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 1
09:42 A non-working attempt to resolve negation of keypresses (granted the axis/hat keys work again, but this brings back drift, will bring back old event generation again) check-in: 66deef237b user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 1
07:18 Fixed a few errors in documentation check-in: 2f3bfabe5f user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 1
05:34 Early Version check-in: fcd9c1d2bf user: beyert tags: trunk, Beta 1