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- Documentation

Please see the HTML manual, included with this distribution.

If any of the documentation is lacking, please send critiques and/or
suggestions to my email address.  I will try my best (within reason) to either
improve the quality of the documentation, or to help you get the program
working properly.

- Program Feedback

Please send any critiques or suggestions regarding the program or documentation
to my email address.  I would like to address any user issues to the best of my
ability, at least within reason.

- Contact

Author: Timothy Beyer <beyert AT SYMBOL fastmail DOT SYMBOL net>

- Platforms Tested

This program was developed and tested on FreeBSD version 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0
RELEASE, though since it uses SDL and the XTest extension, it should work on
any X11 based POSIX compatible operating system.  (it might work on X11
applications for Mac OS X, and Cygwin or Services for UNIX on Windows)

- Copyright

License is the MIT License, see COPYRIGHT file