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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

17:15 [24eea2eec2] Update version number. (user: mwm, tags:, 0.3)
17:12 [1ace3b759b] Remove the bed-and-breakfast dependencies (user: mwm, tags:, 0.3)
16:05 [4cf621c94b] Leaf: More tweaks for semigroup/monoid/(#) Export (#) and document it. Code cleanup as per hlint. Fix the cabal file so this builds, and the tests build. Add tests for semigroup/monoid/(#) and for combinations that they make easier. (user: mwm, tags: trunk,
09:55 [ecbbb214b3] Add README to the distribution. (user: mwm, tags: trunk, 0.2.1)
04:08 [312a1f7895] Fix the cabal "this" pointer. (user: mwm@mired.org, tags: trunk, 0.2)