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<p>This repo is based on <a href="">sampleextension</a> as a basis for developing my own extensions.</p>

<p>I can not claim that any of these extensions are robust or well-tested.  Each has been put through elementary testing and I have tried (except where laziness prevailed) to follow best practices in error checking and resource management.  Caveat Lector! <i>(and please submit <a href="ticket">tickets</a>)</i></p>

<p>In an unusual approach to version control, I've made each extension <i>its own branch</i> in this repo.  That might make it easier to keep up-to-date with sampleextension/tclconfig changes.  In theory, I might also be able to move each branch to its own repo later using the <tt>fossil bundle</tt> commands.</p>

<p>Extensions can be browsed at <a href="brlist">branches</a> or:</p>

  <li> [winlock] - a simple wrapper for <a href="">LockFileEx</a>. </li>
  <li> [tclssh] - a Tcl interface to <a href="">libssh2</a>. </li>
  <li> [tclpty] - a straightforward pseudo-terminal extension. </li>
  <li> [regexp2] - an attempt to expose "partial" matches from the regexp command.  The usefulness of this is harmed by <a href="">core bug 703709</a>. </li>

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