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08:32 [e0addd3c71] Leaf: SEH: Ver 0.4.3: more unneeded code ripped out after consultation with AMG. Source: http://wiki.tcl.tk/_/revision?N=27377.code&V=34. (user: andy, tags: SEH-performance, version-0.4.3)
04:46 [bf836b2349] SEH: Ver. 0.4.2: pulled out some unnecessary changes in how request and response vars are handled. Source: http://wiki.tcl.tk/_/revision?N=27377.code&V=33. (user: andy, tags: SEH-performance, version-0.4.2)
07:49 [f3ed7b0923] SEH: I take Andy up on his offer to make code changes here and humbly offer a version I've labeled 0.4.1. Details at http://wiki.tcl.tk/_/revision?N=27381&V=84. Source: http://wiki.tcl.tk/_/revision?N=27377.code&V=32. (user: andy, tags: SEH-performance, version-0.4.1)
16:50 [dc124f9048] Friday the Thirteenth special edition

Source, announcement.

Only two things are fixed in this version.

  • Quote ' (apostrophe) as ' in HTML attributes.
  • Automatically focus the entry widget when using the non-console Tk command interface.
  • Bump version number.
(user: andy, tags: trunk, version-0.4)
19:42 [e8d8fa09c7] April Fool's special edition

Source, announcement.

Any bugs introduced by this release are intentional April Fool's pranks, not careless mistakes.

  • Add [dict getnull] command to simplify the common task of checking if a dict key exists before getting its value. It's very common to want to treat missing values as empty, so this new command makes sense.
  • Double the performance of [dehex].
  • Simplify [icc::catch] a tiny bit.
  • Remove some looping and [set]s in the path normalization code in [getrequest].
  • Allow for custom POST content-types such as application/json-rpc.
  • Let the application replace [socket] with a custom command, e.g. [tls::socket].
  • Add rudimentary history support to the command entry window, used when running Wibble with wish on a platform where there's no [console] command.
  • Bump version number. I should do this every time...
(user: andy, tags: trunk, version-0.3)
04:31 [6cd02937b9] New outgoing header format, Thanksgiving bonanza

Source, announcement.

Major revision!

  • Bump revision to 0.2.
  • Put zone handlers in "::wibble::zone" namespace.
  • Rewrite zone handlers to properly inherit from the existing state dicts.
  • Rename the [static], [template], and [script] zone handlers to [staticfile], [templatefile], and [scriptfile], respectively.
  • Change [compiletemplate] to [template], which immediately expands the template rather than just compiling it.
    • This effectively reverts a change made in the 2010-11-06 revision [eaa66764e3].
  • Use [template] in zone handlers when appropriate.
  • Fundamentally change the format of response headers generated by zone handlers.
    • The new format mirrors the format of request headers.
  • Change the branch order of [indexfile] to prefer serving index.html.
  • Remove caching of template scripts.
    • Writing files into the docroot made me nervous...
  • Add [contenttype] zone handler to guess content-type from file extension.
  • Expand [dumprequest] into [dumpstate] which analyzes the entire state dictionary, not just a request dictionary.
  • Remove [enurl] and [deurl].
  • Make [enhex] more flexible to make up for the loss of [enurl].
  • Update [enquery]/[dequery] to use [enhex]/[dehex] instead of [enurl]/[deurl].
  • Add [entime] and [detime] to process HTTP time/date, both relative and absolute.
  • Improve correctness of [delist], and teach it to recognize weak tag prefix ("w/").
  • Add [enquote] to complement [dequote].
  • Add [entag] and [detag] to process HTTP entity tags, including weak tags.
  • Add [enheader] to complement [deheader].
    • HUGE new feature!
  • Update [deheader] for changes in encode/decode procs.
  • Add support for cache-control, if-range, and date headers to [deheader].
  • Correct if-match and if-none-match support in [deheader].
  • Beef up warning support in [deheader].
  • Call [dequote] by default in [deheader].
  • Eliminate duplicate filters in [icc configure accept].
  • Style tweak to [icc put].
  • Search for zone handler commands in the new "::wibble::zone" namespace.
  • Add cleanup script naming and cancellation capabilities to [cleanup].
  • Simplify path normalization regexp in [getrequest].
  • Add TE/transfercoding to accept dictionary generation.
  • Prefer [dict for] over [foreach].
  • Replace [deurl] with [dehex] in [getrequest].
  • Add blank response dictionary to initial system dictionary in [getresponse].
  • Set charset to utf-8 in various places.
    • This change is probably a mistake, since the output will be converted to iso8859-1 anyway.
  • Move much of the guts of [process] into [defaultsend].
  • In [defaultsend], use the updated [cleanup] facility to close the contentfile.
  • Use [enheader] in [defaultsend] to encode the outgoing headers for HTTP.
  • Remove header capitalization normalization.
  • Add connection: close capability via the return value of [defaultsend].
  • Update [process] for the change in [cleanup].
  • Have [process] call [defaultsend] or a custom send command supplied by the zone handler.
  • Move the error log code into [panic] which can be overridden by the application.
  • Update panic code to use [dumpstate] instead of [dumprequest].
  • In Wibble demo, explicitly initialize zonehandlers to empty.
    • This facilitates re-sourcing wibble.tcl in the middle of execution.
  • Add sample content-type zone handler configuration.
  • Add Tk console to demo.
    • Use [console show] if available. Customize it, too.
    • If that fails, provide a bare-bones command prompt window.
(user: andy, tags: trunk, version-0.2)
19:02 [e13c7a2969] Put everything in a wibble package and a wibble namespace. Add [handle] to register a zone handler. Create [listen] command. http://wiki.tcl.tk/_/revision?N=23626&V=23 (user: andy, tags: trunk, version-0.1)