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The initial check-in for each branch:

01:23 [67271fbc1d] Put basic interpolation functionality into the core for (re)use by operators. TODO: bicubic implementation, exposure to scripts, documentation, and tests. (user: andreask, tags: refactor-interpolations)
02:18 [9e3c292ca9] Started double type support, for higher precision warping. Projection matrices shall be double, always. (user: andreask, tags: double-type)
19:49 [aa0fdc1f29] Moving the testsuite work into a branch. Implemented 'integrate' for 'fpcomplex'. Completed the associated testsuite. (user: andreask, tags: testsuite-work)
23:34 [81a5678520] Leaf: Implemented read/write of 2-byte PGM files (max > 255), plain and raw. Builds ok. Not tested however. Special-cased the loops for when scaling of the values is not required (max in (255, 65535)). (user: andreask, tags: pgm-grey16-trial)
00:20 [974e8bf888] Leaf: Placeholder for fits image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-fits)
00:16 [694125dd1e] Leaf: Placeholder for xpm image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-xpm)
00:16 [5006dcd412] Leaf: Placeholder for xbm image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-xbm)
00:16 [dfbe0604ae] Leaf: Placeholder for tiff image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-tiff)
00:16 [c4ae400cb9] Leaf: Placeholder for tga image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-tga)
00:15 [d8d7b08e80] Placeholder for sun image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-sun)
00:15 [39d26f9ff1] Placeholder for sgi image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-sgi)
00:15 [653f65df03] Leaf: Placeholder for raw image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-raw)
00:15 [175111ff36] Leaf: Placeholder for pixmap image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-pixmap)
00:15 [80caf509c2] Leaf: Placeholder for jpeg image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-jpeg)
00:14 [fc5420bf05] Leaf: Placeholder for ico image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-ico)
00:12 [687cbe62e6] Leaf: Placeholder for DTED image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-dted)
00:11 [99a39dbf53] Leaf: Placeholder for gif image reader (user: andreask, tags: image-io-gif)
00:03 [f9976a0e1f] Incomplete start of work on a reader for PCX image files. (user: andreask, tags: image-io-pcx)
02:24 [1da2e834b8] New branch.    Embed images into the infinite 2d plane, i.e. make them bounded rectangles with a location in that plane. We had a start on that with the operators for projective warp, storing the origin point in the user-meta data. This information is now in the C level structures.    This commit provides the basic change, plus new accessors for the geometry data, and updates all users of said geometry data in C to use these new accessors.    The semantics of the various operations which could make use of the location information has not changed yet. This is for future commits in this branch. (user: andreask, tags: infinite-plane)
00:39 [c6ffd8f2a7] Starting branch for the reworking of the internals to a more data-flow oriented system. Saved old structure descriptions, and put in the 1st draft images describing the new structures. Note: Draft means here that the structures themselves are not final. (user: andreask, tags: feature-dataflow-internals)
21:27 [eb75c6de82] Saving work on my implementation of image smoothing via L0 gradient minimization. The current state is visibly buggy. (user: andreask, tags: feature-smoothing-l0-gradient-minimization)
22:09 [3eaec58b4f] Closed-Leaf: Fixed a few indentation flubs which slipped through until now. (user: andreask, tags: mistake)
21:56 [d7015891a3] Leaf: I am impatient.    Having worked through and vetted most of the code in the parental branch I want this code in the main branches, for regular use.    But there is still unvetted code, namely the 'filter::cleanup' and the higher-order image registrations (rotation, scale, affine, find-object), where I have run into roadblocks of understanding myself, and where I defer to Kevin for vetting.    To get the vetted pieces into the mainline, without having the unvetted parts this commit is made. It removes the unvetted pieces, puts them into a new branch, and this new branch will then be integrated with "works-for-critcl-2.1" and then "works-for-critcl-3".    The code is not lost, of course. It is still in the "x-smsaurabh" branch, and when Kevin has worked through it, it can then be integrated also. (user: andreask, tags: integration-stage)
23:19 [c51493e217] Extended the "crimp::core" with C-level infrastructure for reading data from image files. (user: andreask, tags: image-io-experiments)
20:58 [82288c31c9] Extended the float/grey16/grey32 statistics to report the coordinates of the pixels with max/min value (first in scan order (left 2 right, top 2 bottom)). grey8 and multi-channel images to come. These require more work, as their statistics are derived from their histograms. Which does not remember locations. Likely I will write new primitives for them, like was done for grey16, etc. and then merge their results with the histogram derived data. (user: andreask, tags: untested-changes-to-basic-statistics)
17:20 [7c8fbc1b7a] Edge detection changed as suggested by Andreas. (user: S.M.Saurabh, tags: x-smsaurabh)
21:58 [5ee0af28c2] Closed-Leaf: edge detection (user: S.M.Saurabh, tags: x-smsaurabh)
17:17 [1a2b5e973a] Closed-Leaf: Last portability fixes in c/gauss.c, replacing various float functions with their double counterparts (hypot, sin, cos, sqrt, exp) (user: andreask, tags: mistake)
13:50 [4e5fb11fe8] Closed-Leaf: merge trunk (user: kennykb, tags: mistake)
02:31 [dda5645096] Modifications for the -tea mode of critcl v3-in-development (user: andreask, tags: work-for-critcl-3)
01:54 [9fe1614b7d] Add Gaussian derivative operations (user: kennykb, tags: kbk-extras)
21:00 [13c0452d35] Simplified package setup and use (demos), by using features from my critcl work (unreleased v2.1). (user: andreask, tags: work-for-critcl-2.1)
07:20 [445eb658fe] Start on proper image warping. (user: andreask, tags: warp-experiment)
22:45 [fc8a972261] Closed-Leaf: Demo app. UI tweaks, more logging at startup, and more robust access to the local critcl package (user: andreask, tags: mistake)
22:55 [71cdc47e28] Alternate way of reorg the Tcl layer, with more dispatch in ensembles, and lazy setup (user: andreask, tags: mistake)
18:52 [a20a604b8e] Closed-Leaf: Tcl layer internal reorg, moved duplicated (setup) code into helper commands. (user: andreask, tags: mistake)
21:52 [bc65f83b3e] Create new branch named "ak-experimental" (user: andreask, tags: ak-experimental)
17:44 [8d18a30642] initial empty check-in (user: andreask, tags: trunk)