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Image Processing References

   *  <a href="">Beyond Photography - The Digital Darkroom</a> - An early book on digital photography and effects - PDF's online. - References to sources.
   *  <a href="">Colorspace conversions (pdf)</a>
   *  <a href="">YCbCr/RGB color conversions</a>
   *  <a href="">Color formats</a>
   *  <a href="">YUV/RGB color conversions</a>
   *  <a href="">IPOL &mdash; Journal: Image Processing On Line</a>
   *  <a href="">OpenIP</a>
   *  <a href="">PHP Intervention</a>
   *  <a href="">IPLT &mdash; Image processing library & toolbox</a>
   *  <a href="">PhotoDemon Application, Sources</a>, BSD licensed
   *  <a href="">Computer Vision Research Group at the University of Western Ontario, Code</a><br>(licensed to research only :(, still, paper references may allow reconstruction)
   *  <a href="">Color FAQ</a>
   *  <a href="">Bruce Lindbloom Color Information</a>
   *  <a href="">EasyRGB</a> &mdash; Color search engine, color calculator, tutorials, calibration
   *  <a href="">Image Processing Learning Resources.</a>
   *  <a href="">Gamera</a> &mdash; Framework for document analysis applications. 
   *  <a href="">VIGRA</a> (C++, templated?) &mdash; Vision with Generic Algorithms - <a href="">Uni Heidelberg</a> - <a href="">github</a>
   *  <a href="">VXITE</a>
   *  <a href="">VIPS</a>
   *  <a href="">VXL</a> (BSD)
   *  <a href="">BLAS</a> (Linear Algebra, strided memcpy)
   *  <a href="">The Matrix Factorization Jungle </a>
   *  <a href="">TILT: Transform Invariant Low-rank Textures</a>
   *  <a href="">efg Image Processing Links</a>
   *  <a href="">StereoMatcher</a>
   *  Itk, Vtk (C++, templated!)
   *  <a href="">OpenCV</a> (Open source Computer Vision, BSD licensed, C)
   *  <a href="">GIF Format Bits And Bytes</a>
   *  <a href="">FITS</a> (Flexible Image Transport System), mainly used in Astronomy. See also "FitsTcl" (part of "fv", see below), and "CFITSIO". Most pieces seem to be GPL.
   *  <a href="">fv (FITS viewer and editor)</a>
   *  FITS specifications @ [], [], []
   *  <a href="">PCX</a>
   *  <a href="">Tiled Multiresolution TIFF (Pyramids)</a>
   *  <a href="">Open DICOM</a>
   *  <a href="">picoPNG</a>
   *  <a href="">Lode's CG tutorial</a>
   *  <a href="">Painterly (Aaron Hertzmann)</a>
   *  <a href="">Painterly @Github, Saliences</a>
   *  <a href="">NPR</a>
   *  Steve Havelka, <a href="">Aries Engine sources</a>, SIMD PorterDuff ops.
   *  <a href="">SPIDER (System for Processing Image Data from Electron microscopy and Related fields)</a> is an image processing system for electron microscopy.
   *  <a href="">Edge Drawing</a> – A Combined Real-Time Edge/Edge Segment Detector.
   *  <a href="">Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition at AU-CENG</a> (EdgeDrawing (s.a), etc.)
   *  <a href="">Example files of various formats, including images</a>
   *  <a href="">PGM 16bit example C code</a>
   *  <a href="">Online converter for various image formats.</a>
   *  <a href="">FotoForensics Tutorials/Reading Material - FileFormat References.</a>
   *  <a href="">FreeImage Library.</a>
   *  <a href="">FreeImage Algorithms (on top of FI).</a>
   *  <a href="">G'MIC</a> based on CImg (below).
   *  <a href="">CImg</a>
   *  <a href="">OLENA</a>
   *  <a href="">Jimp (Javascript)</a>
   *  <a href="">VSIPL &mdash; Vector Signal & Image Processing Library (@ OMG)</a>
   *  <a href="">VSIPL Spec</a>
   *  <a href="">image Filters</a>
   *  <a href="">ImLib3D (unmaintained)</a>
   *  <a href=""> JAITools &mdash; Open-source raster image processing library for Java </a>

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