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blob-introduction(n) 1 doc "Blob. General content storage with deduplication"


blob-introduction - Blob - Introduction to the project

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Welcome to the Blob project, written by Andreas Kupries.

For availability please read Blob - How To Get The Sources.

blob provides a set of 4 related Tcl packages for the management and storage of arbitrary blobs, in memory or more persistent. The differences between the packages are mainly what type of storage is used.

System Architecture

All packages to one of two layers, as shown below:


Note that:

The dependencies between the packages are very straight-forward:



While the current set of packages should cover most to all of the common cases where is always the possibility of encountering unanticipated situations.

Extending it is as easy as adding additional packages to the project. In the case of custom storage backends such a package has to be derived from the base class provided by blob.

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Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

Both the package(s) and this documentation will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at Blob Tickets.

Please also report any ideas you may have for enhancements of either package(s) and/or documentation.


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