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atom-changes(n) 1 doc "Atom. Packages for string interning and deduplication"


atom-changes - Atom - Log of Changes

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Welcome to the Atom project, written by Andreas Kupries.

For availability please read Atom - How To Get The Sources.

This document provides an overview of the changes atom underwent from version to version.


Changes for version 1

This is the first release of atom. The changes therefore describe the initial features of the system.

In detail:

  1. atom requires Tcl 8.5 or higher. Tcl 8.4 or less is not supported.

  2. The project provides a base class declaring the API of string interning classes, and three implementations of that API.

  3. The provided implementations store strings in an sqlite database, or in memory. One of the in-memory classes is written to be a front-end cache for any other string internming class following the API declared here.

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Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

Both the package(s) and this documentation will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at Atom Tickets.

Please also report any ideas you may have for enhancements of either package(s) and/or documentation.


deduplication, interning, storage, string deduplication, string interning, string storage