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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

04:05 [c792c29f1a] Leaf: Match critcl revision [2f446e5a985fe5c5cd11d8b393f817d1710f99f2] (user: aku, tags: critcl-match-2f446e5a985fe5c5cd11d8b393f817d1710f99f2, dev31-class-the-2nd)
04:26 [a9dbb35a2a] Match critcl revision [20500734cb84082bd6bdf7c39b932d408923f54e], updating the custom types (ip -> interp), and using new result type (const char*). At this point the package builds without warnings (again).    (user: aku, tags: critcl-match-20500734cb84082bd6bdf7c39b932d408923f54e, dev31-class-the-2nd)
05:17 [a5647b59f2] Mark: KineTcl is here up to date with critcl revision [6eb4178d77876c47db718edb24499c5e5f8cd50c]. (user: aku, tags: critcl-match-6eb4178d77876c47db718edb24499c5e5f8cd50c, dev31-class-the-2nd)
19:11 [00c7bda656] Another bug fixed, swapped OK/ERROR in the methods to unset/remove callbacks. Not seen in use as none of the example are removing low-level callbacks, only set them. (user: andreask, tags: trunk, nmhm)