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Artifact ID: cab8556d24510405ed2b6f52c68f4c166de49726
Page Name:Kettle
Date: 2014-03-28 19:27:59
Original User: akupries
Parent: e4e7b7d16f5f38b97c3e4fdd78e39b660e06b562

Work on a series of packages containing the common parts of my recently used build.tcl scripts for quick setup, building, and installation of Tcl packages (pure, and critcl based).

Plus an application making use of the packages easy.


Changes (Release to Release). For details see the Timeline instead.

BSD Licensed

How To Get The Sources

How To Build And Install The Packages

The Developer's Guide


User Introduction

Command Reference

Tickets / Feedback / Discussion

All Open Tickets, Sorted By Priority

By Andreas Kupries, hosted at Chiselapp