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Starting from the example script "main".

We are in some directory X
We have the fossil repository for tcl at /path/to/tcl.fossil

	/path/to/crunch/main /path/to/tcl.fossil

builds the revisions of Tcl, from the tip back into the past, in
reverse order of committing. Note that this does not follow parental
linkage, or branches. It follows time and jumps between branches/forks
as they come.

The scripts involved from 'main' are:

	Set up things in X, then checkout revisions and run the
	command below.

	A possible replacement could simply take a list of revisions
	(cmdline, file?) to build. I.e. if we are comparing specific
	revisions and not gathering stats for all and sundry.

	Configure and make the current revision, expected in a fixed
	location under X. Then run the command below. Note that the
	script will run the command regardless of build success or
	failure. Indeed, it is the responsbility of the called command
	to determine whether the build succeeded or not.

	This build script assumes unix/configure, win/configure,
	generally $tcl_platform(platform)/configure

	Write derivations for TEA extensions, and other build systems.

	Called with the path of the sentinel file, relative to X whose
	presence indicates success.
	Write other scripts if the test for success is done

	Runs the command below with the result of the test.

	Called with build result (ok, fail), saves this information
	in a plain text file.

	For other actions, like running the testsuite, or benchmarks,
	write a replacement script to the same API.

			Like save_check, but also saves the
			configure/make log output for failed builds.

			Saves like save_fail, and runs the test suite
			for OK builds. Saves the test output.


Taking the command line apart, as scripts are run:

./process state ../../repo/tcl.fossil ./build_tcl ./build_ok build/tclsh ./save_check 

	Saves its state information to		state
	Operates (read-only) on fossil repo	 ../../repo/tcl.fossil

	Checks out all non-processed revisions, from the current tip
	descending into the past. Follows time, not parental linkage.

	Runs the following command on each revision.

	./build_tcl %repo% %uuid% ./build_ok build/tclsh ./save_check

	Build state is in the current working directory.
	Sub directory 'src' is where the revision is checked out into.

./build_tcl %repo% %uuid% ./build_ok build/tclsh ./save_check

	Looks for the sources in src
	Assumes that the sources are for revision %uuid%.
	Builds the sources, placing build state into

		build	- build directory
		install	- install destination, --prefix
		log	- build log (configure, make)

	All relative to current working directory.
	After each build, successful or not it calls

	./build_ok %repo% %uuid% build/tclsh ./save_check

	to check if the build was succesful, or not.

./build_ok %repo% %uuid% build/tclsh ./save_check

	Looks for the sentinel file


	Relative to current working directory.

	If present, build is OK, otherwise FAIL.

	./save_check %repo% %uuid% %result%

	with this result.

./save_check %repo% %uuid% %result%

	Extends the file

	with a line listing %result% and %uuid%.