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Page Name:TeBaDaMaSi
Date: 2012-01-15 19:12:55
Original User: andik
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Text based data made simple

Many data centered tools are built around these three tasks:

This results in often rewriting the same basic funtionality and often reinventing the wheel. This tool is thought as some kind of library for parsing, converting and outputtung data for various kinds of (primarily) text based data formats.

It is primary an api definition for parsers and templates and a tool which launches these. It is easily possible to add parsers or templates or transformation logic via the command line. This way we hope to build a library of easy reusable components which will make future data-hausehold much easier for text-based data.

The philosophy behind this tool is the philosophy of unix tools. Our Target is it to make text transformation easy achievable in any shell script.

TeBaDaMaSi consists of several file parsers and several output templates which are compatible and can be combinde by switches on the command line. The tool itself is currently written in python. There are thoughts about switching to c+lua but these have not been investigated yet.

This Project is work in progress and actually not intended for end-users ! File a ticket to get in touch with us.