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Artifact ID: 47908b72d760c3725d9537a868adb1ba991587f9
Page Name:languageSelection
Date: 2011-06-23 13:22:32
Original User: abondis
Parent: 6e293bbad11e5c5e321f15f804cbf19b805fee6f
What language could be used to complement sh ?
  • sh is easy to use to copy/paste from a an howto and make a script
  • sh is not the easiest when it comes to complex actions and data management.

  • The choice has to take the following into account:
  • must be easy to have on all unix/bsd/linux ( including mipsel, arm, MacOs ...)
  • must stay small to install on the remote machine ( ie: the jvm is too big )
  • must find a way to keep the easyness to script actions and test them
  • must not have to much difficulty between interpreter versions
  • must not have a lot of dependencies ( if possible standalone )
  • C

  • Would have to make it easy to cross compile
  • Could implement all the requirements (ssl/ssh/rsync/regex) in one binary
  • Creating types will not be as easy as creating a shell script, what could be the alternative/mix ?
  • Lisp - sbcl

  • strange language but could be used for this kind of usage
  • installed the binaries from their site: it works
  • they give binary versions for a lot of arch/os
  • Javascript

  • Using v8 would make it easy to use anywhere
  • I did not find how to interact with the system
  • If using rhino: too big, needs java
  • Perl

  • By default on a lot of plateforms
  • ugly
  • used a lot for othe projects
  • Python

  • too big
  • pb with version change
  • some libs are depending on C (arch pb)
  • Ruby

  • Used by puppet and chef ...
  • Not sure how portable/light it is
  • Java

  • Tooooooooo big !
  • Lua

  • tried to download the standalone binary and use: pb with missing lib ... not as standalone as needed
  • Erlang

  • kind of big for an embeddable version: 50MB