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Artifact ID: ae6bd381633fa43cad9f46a5fac488672e761962
Page Name:Process Diary for 4th Sep
Date: 2012-09-04 02:53:12
Original User: Jax_Star
Parent: c902a19eeb965e5c3f4d7a1f16f38044a7e50edf

Today I worked on the NCSS Python Challenge I completed the first question "Middle Number" in the first period and set to work on the second question "What Did Zou Saz"

Here is the code for Q1. def find_middle(a, b, c): if a >= b: if b >= c: return b elif a >= c: return c else: return a elif b >= a: if a >= c: return a elif c >= b: return b else: return c