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Page Name:Process diary (25%)
Date: 2012-10-10 01:57:49
Original User: Jax_Star
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For each lesson and prep. It needs to be explaining what you have achieved and what you have learnt.

29th Aug - We were told to make a page (or pages) that would outline the project (and marks) - We also had to make a page for a process diary that would keep track of all our process and achievements

4th Sep - Today I worked on the NCSS Python Challenge I completed the first question "Middle Number" in the first period and set to work on the second question "What Did Zou Saz"

Here is the code for Q1. (<tab> is where a tab is inserted)
def find_middle(a, b, c):
<tab>if a >= b:
<tab><tab> if b >= c:
<tab><tab><tab> return b
<tab><tab>elif a >= c:
<tab><tab><tab>return c
<tab><tab><tab> return a
<tab>elif b >= a:
<tab><tab>if a >= c:
<tab><tab><tab>return a
<tab><tab>elif c >= b:
<tab><tab><tab>return b
<tab><tab> else:
<tab><tab><tab> return c

12 Sep - The python challenge had ended and then came the time for me to chose the subject my individual project would be based on and I already knew it would come down to programming or networking. I have just come out of programming from the python challenge and that would be an advantage in the task but there is also the factor that the constant programming would become a drag and I would be less productive than if I had done the networking. I will have to decide my subject before next lesson so I do not fall too far behind.

20th Sep - Today we made sure that we were up to date and we had a look at a simple switch and made sure we knew how it worked. We also had a look at the TAS servers and saw where all the stuff we did goes (even this)

10th Oct - Today we got our hands on a computer, monitor and software needed for a server. Before we stated we found a funny ring on the side of the computer and pulled it, this opened up the computer and we thought we should have a look around. We were shown the hard drive, the RAM, the CPU, Optical and floppy drives. We then set out on the task on putting the computer and the monitor together (This proved a to be a difficult task for 5 TAS students) but eventually we got it together, we then faced a bigger problem, turning it on. We kept pushing the "on" button but nothing happened so we pushed every other button and eventually it worked.