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Page Name:Mathematics.Arrays (Package)
Date: 2016-11-22 03:17:34
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This type, unintentional and efficiently satisfies a few domains.

Parallel Math

As it turns out, for utilizing SIMD instructions from a high level language, a concrete definition for numeric arrays is extremely useful and easy to use. Array/Scalar and Scalar/Array operations easily translate to, and obviously mean, distribution of the scalar unto the array, per the specified operator. For Array/Array operations, the operator is only defined for equal length arrays, and performs the operator unto equivalent members of each array. Where possible, SIMD instructions are used, otherwise, the operations are performed serially.

Linear Algebra

At lot of the aforementioned should sound familiar to those trained in Linear Algebra. This is fundamentally a vector. As such, the necessary additions for linear algebra are also provided.


Other facilities are provided in extensions.