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Haha, well I think I do not have an accent when speaking english.

How i managed that? Ha, quite simply, I said a year ago I purchased the Casio EX-S770 camera for about 300 euros .
It got fucked this summer already, because some grains of sand got into the camera. I found that quite surprising
because I was only near the beach. It costed me 100 euros repair because Casio wouldn't issue a guarantee.
Two months later I got it back. Today, the next damage: The display is broken. Just like that.
Without display the camera is largely worthless. Let's see what Casio says now and whether the guarantee at least is granted.
I'm annoyed about spending that much for a camera, which is broken the second time within a year.
And now I got to deal with the Casio-Support again. Again, I am not willing to spend any money for that.